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The Reason Why APink's Jung Eunji had to Take the Lead Role of 'Trot Lovers'

KBS' drama 'Trot Lovers' went off on August 12. Since the drama premiered last June, APink's Jung Eunji has led the drama as a heroine. Actually, when the idol star was cast in the drama, it was considered as being unprecedented because it's exceptional for idols, who have little experience in appearing on dramas, to be cast in major broadcasting company's drama as a heroine. Eunji has proved her competitiveness as a actress by appearing on tvN's drama 'Reply 1997' in 2012, but it's true that she is not a seasoned actress. So, what do you think is the reason that Eunji was cast in 'Trot Lovers'?

Production Crew's Dilemma

In 'Trot Lovers', Eunji played Choi Chunhee, who dreams of being a trot singer. And there were many scenes in which Choi Chunhee sings a song, which means the actress who plays the character should have a singing ability over certain level.

By the way, when casting an actress who can sing well, the production crew usually are in a dilemma. For example, there are two candidates for a lead role. One sings very well, but her acting is lacking, while the other is a good actor, but sings badly. In this situation, what's your choice? It's hard to choose one, isn't it?

A staff member who took part in producing the drama 'Dream High' told me, "The idol stars were really good at singing and dancing. But some of them were poor actors, and their acting was horrible to watch."

For this reason, some drama makers prefer casting a good actor who can sing well, rather than a singer who can act.

The official said "When there is a role of doctor in a drama, we do not cast a real doctor. In the same vein, I think I have to cast an actor, rather than a singer, for a character who sings well."

The Reason Why Talented Idols are Preferred

From the point of view of production crew, it's best to cast some who can act and sing well at the same time. That's why talented idol stars, including Eunji, who are regarded as having a competitive acting ability, are in the limelight.

Most of the idol stars have been trained in acting since they were trainees. Of course, there are not a few idols who show subpar performance, but some of idols are not only good at singing but also excellent in acting.
When an idol star is cast in a drama as a lead role, he or she usually takes part in the drama's OST and attracts attention of the public. It's only possible because an idol took the lead role.
In the case of Eunji, through 'Trot Lovers', she succeeded in receiving recognition as both an actress and a singer. When she appeared on 'Reply 1997', she impressed people by showing her acting in a dialect, but in 'Trot Lovers', she acted without a dialect and proved her competitiveness as an actress. She played the difficult part with great emotion.

Who Else Can Sing and Dance At The Same Time?

Recently, not a few idols are active in dramas and films in which they can show off their ability in both acting and singing.

Miss A's Suzy, who became one of the most promising young actress by appearing in the movie 'Architecture 101', will be appearing in another movie 'Dorihwaga'. The film is about a true story of famous Pansori singer Shin Jae Hyo. Pansori is a Korean traditional music genre, while Suzy has been learning Pansori for months.

And Sistar's Dasom appeared in KBS's drama 'Love on melody' which went off last June. In the drama, the female idol played a character who dreams of being a musical star. Through the drama, Dasom became famous among middle-aged viewers and was acknowledged her possibility as an actress.
Other than Suzy and Dasom, Super Junior's Kyuhyun, EXO's Baekhyun, Girls' Generation's Sunny, 2AM's Jo Kwon and more are active in the world of musical.


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