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EXO to Leave Time Travel (& Baekhyun's Statement Related to Taeyeon)

EXO is going to leave time travel. On August 11, a production presentation for Mnet's 'EXO 902014' was held in Seoul. Through the program to be aired from August 15, EXO will reinterpret popular songs in the 90s. Jeon Hyunmoo will lead the program as an MC.
Q. You are going to reinterpret popular songs in the 90s. How do you feel?
Suho: The EXO members were born after 1990. In our childhood, we listened to the songs in the 90s and dreamed of being a singer. I think it's going to be a great chance to learn many things from our senior singers.
Lay: It's happy to sing the songs of my senior singers I really admire. I learn a lot from it.

Q. Do Chinese members know about Korean songs in the 90s?
Luhan: I am a big fan of H.O.T. I can sing all the songs of H.O.T. Other than H.O.T, I know many Kpop groups of the 90s.
Tao: Frankly speaking, I don't know about Korean songs in the 90s. But I came to like the songs after listening to them at the filming spot of the program. I'm learning about the songs now.
Lay: I think music has no frontier. Through a good music, Chinese and Korean can understand each other.

Q. It seems that Jeon Hyunmoo is on intimate terms with EXO these days. Are you still close with the SHINee members?
Jeon Hyunmoo: Actually, I'm on intimate terms with both groups. When I hosted the comeback showcase of EXO held last April, I asked the SHINee members, "Can I leave SHINee for a moment?" and they said, "Sure." It looked that they never felt sorry to let me go. If some members of EXO come to hate me, I'll leave them.

Q. How was the shooting of the program?
Jeon Hyunmoo: As the EXO members are much younger than their senior singers, they looked very nervous. Sehun was frozen like a statue.
Suho: Yes, we were very nervous. However, we will interact with our senior singers more comfortably from this time forward.

Q. Among the popular songs in the 90s, which song do you want to reinterpret?
Chen: I want to film a music video of Kim Gunmo's song. My father really likes him.
Chanyeol: We performed H.O.T's songs a few times on the stages of end-of-year awards. If I have a chance, I want to perform the songs again. It's going to be gorgeous.
Kai: I want to film a music video of Cho Sungmo's 'Do you know'. I think D.O will be able to play the lead role because he's now appearing on a drama as an actor. The heroine of the music video, originally played by actress Shin Minah, is suitable for Suho.
Jeon Hyunmoo: I heard that D.O and Suho have a scandal with each other. No? no, it's late.

Q. If you film a music video of girl group's song, which member do you think is the most suitable for dressing up as a woman?
Chanyeol: I think it's Tao.
Tao: I once wore a wig for females in the past, and I looked like a real woman. However, I do not want to let my fans see me like that.
Jeon Hyunmoo: If you are forced to do, what do you say about that?
Tao: I'll do it.

Q. If you appear in the music video with a beautiful actress, is it going to be OK?(As you know, Baekhyun is dating Girls' Generation's Taeyeon)
Baekhyun: It's my job. I'll do my best in everything.

Q. I heard that Jeon Hyunmoo has been practicing dancing for EXO's 'Overdose'. 
Sehun: He worked really hard for it. I want to give him 67 out of 100 points.
Jeon Hyunmoo: You praised me and gave me just 67 points? So, what do I have to do to improve my performance?
Sehun: You should improve your accuracy.
Jeon Hyunmoo: Oh, it's impossible for ever.
Tao: let me give you 68 points. Keep up the good work.
Jeon Hyunmoo: You speak in a cool tone and it hurts me. How about you, Chanyeol?
Chanyeol: Actually, I'm in no position to say of other people's dancing, haha.


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