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Continuous Public Uproar Against 2NE1 Park Bom's Drug Scandal and YG's Silence

It has been more than a month since 2NE1's Park Bom was mixed up in a drug scandal, but people are still hotly debating the issue, while YG is keeping its silence.

On July 1, after the case was known to the public, Yang Hyun Suk, a representative of YG entertainment, explained about the case to protect his sisterlike Park Bom. However, some people criticized that his explanation was just a emotional appeal, and it looks that Yang Hyun Suk made things worse. After then, the suspicion surrounding Park Bom has been becoming amplified, but YG commented nothing about the case.
As I mentioned through this article, in 2010, Park Bom received 82 pills of amphetamines by air mail, which is prohibited in Korea, but the prosecution even didn't prosecute Park Bom and it is suspected that YG and the prosecution are having an inappropriate relationship. Some people are expressing their anger at the case, saying that it certainly is a corruption scandal, while other people are giving much attention to suspicion surrounding Park Bom's drug taking. 

First, let's check out what specialists in law talked about the case.

"Even if she was in special circumstances, the prosecution had to book her and investigate the case. The prosecution listened to explanation of Park Bom and her agency unofficially, and it was a preferential treatment." - Kang Yeon Jae, lawyer
"It is the matter of fairness. In case of Park Bom, unlike other suspects, she wasn't even prosecuted at the discretion of the prosecution. It was abuse of power." -Pyo Chang Won, professor of police academy

And here are suspicions surrounding Park Bom's drug taking. 

1. Why did Park Bom put amphetamines inside a small box, labeled 'jelly' when she received the pills from abroad?
2. Why did Park Bom's grand mother receive the pills instead of her?
3. 4 out of 82 pills were missed. Where did it go?

To these suspicions, Kemmy of rookie girl group A.KOR released a diss track. The track titled 'Do the right thing' includes lyrics like "Drugs got into your box of jelly accidentally? Who overlooked the four missing pills? When did the police become so kind?" "You received the title of the first smuggling idol. Huh? Amphetamine shit," and "After hiding behind your powerful company, you will come out when things calm down."

She also jeered at Park Bom's appearance, calling her an artificial lady.

Well, this rap heated up online and made Park Bom's friends angry. Ben Baller, a jewelry designer who is having close relationship with YG artists, tweeted, "Who the fuck or what the fuck is a kemy? I will set that hoe on fire," and "If you're old enough to talk shit, then you are old enough to get your ass kicked."

A stylist of Park Bom also stated, "These days, everyone says that they're doing hip hop and goes completely insane by releasing diss tracks. What did you say to your huge senior? Are you insane? You want to retire right after your debut?"

Even though thing are getting more complicated, YG is still keeping its silence and it is predicted that Yang Hyun Suk and Park Bom will not open their mouths for the time being. That's how YG deals with things. Instead, Park Bom is focusing on her activities in foreign countries, and YG is working on preparation for its new boy group Winner's debut. They may be waiting for a time when the case will be forgotten by the people.

As Park Bom said nothing about the case, nobody can say what the truth is. And there is a possibility that the 3 suspicions surrounding her mentioned above will not be resolved forever because the prosecution is also maintaining its silence. It is highly suspected that Park Bom received a preferential treatment from the prosecution, but I can't say that she actually did.


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