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Big Bang's TOP Films a Kiss Scene for 8 Hours

Big Bang's TOP said that he filmed a passionate kiss scene with actress Lee Honey.

At the showcase event of the movie 'The war of flower 2' held in Seoul on August 5, Lee Honey said "We filmed a kiss scene for about 8 or 9 hours. It was rainy and we got rained on a lot. I could feel that he caught a cold because he was running a fever."

To this, TOP stated, "I was not running a fever. I was just nervous and became passionate because I kissed her. My lips really got hot."

Lee Honey added, "It was so impressive that he was passionate about filming the movie. It has been 7 or 8 years since I saw him for the first time, and he now gives off a feeling of mature man."

'The war of flower 2' to be released in September is the film about a dishonest gambler, and TOP was cast for the title role. 


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