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Yunho VS. TOP VS. Yoochun: Who's Gonna Be The Best Actor?

Three top Kpop male stars are about to compete not as singers but as actors. TVXQ's U-Know Yunho was cast in MBC's upcoming new drama 'Journal of the Night Watchmen' and Big Bang's TOP was chosen to act the main role in the film 'The War of Flower 2', while JYJ's Park Yoochun will appear in the film 'Sea Fog'. All of them are not the top actors in Korea yet, but it is expected that their acting ability will be improved continuously. So, who do you think will be the best actor?

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho

U-Know Yunho has launched his acting career by appearing in a drama 'No Limit' in 2009 and built up his experience through other drams such as 'Poseidon' and 'Queen of ambition'. However, it is the first time for him to appear in a historical drama. 'Journal of the Night Watchmen' is a drama about an exorcist, while Yunho plays a military officer of Joseon Dynasty who is a master fencer.

Actually, in Korea, actors and actresses are usually reluctant to appear in historical dramas. The scenario of a historical drama includes an antiquated style, and the actors and actresses have to endure hours of makeup every day. But, Yunho made a courageous choice to grow up as a real actor.

He said "It's fun to do different things. I became interested in the drama because it was a new challenge to me. Through the drama, I want to grow up."
One of Yunho's great merits as an entertainer is that he always is polite to other people. Since I began to work as a journalist, I have heard of bad rumors about so many celebrities, but there has been nothing about Yunho. To that extent, he always cares about people around him.

Big Bang's TOP

TOP's first movie was 'Into the Fire', which was released in 2010. After playing a supporting role in the film, TOP was acknowledged as a promising young actor and received Rookie of the Year award of Blue Dragon Awards. And he played the main role in the movie 'The Commitment'.

His new movie 'The war of flower 2' is the film about a dishonest gambler. At first, people wondered why TOP was cast for the title role. Actually, Cho Seung Woo, who is regarded as one of the best character actors in Korea, appeared in 'The war of flower 1' and has shown perfect performance. It is true that TOP is not as weighty character as Cho Seung Woo in the movie world, and people had a doubt about TOP's acting ability.
However, Kang Hyung Chul, the director of the film, stated, "In this movie, the actor who plays the main role has to have intense gaze. In that sense, TOP was irreplaceable. You will be able to see TOP playing the character with surprising depth and great emotion."

And TOP said "At first, I felt really pressured because the movie drew a national craze in 2006. However, my senior actors gave great energy to me, and I was able to gain confidence."

JYJ's Park Yoochun

It seems that Yoochun made the biggest success in his acting career among the three top male Kpop stars because he appeared in popular dramas such as 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', 'Miss you', and 'Three Days'. However, 'Sea Fog' is his first movie and he has to prove his competitiveness as a movie actor.
One of Yoochun's great merits as an actor is that he always is serious and sincere about acting. That is why his senior actors usually praise him for his sincere attitude.
Kim Yoon Suk, one of the best actors in Korea, stated, "To be frank with you, I even didn't know that Yoochun is a member of JYJ. I never supposed him to be a idol star. So, I could look at his acting objectively. His acting was amazing. He showed passion and efforts."

And Bong Joon Ho, who is one of the most famous film director in Korea, said "'Sea Fog' is Yoochun's first movie. It's so happy to see the appearance of outstanding new movie actor in Korean film industry."

Park Yoochun said "I was attracted to the movie's scenario and character. I wanted to give a real challenge and had an urge to be active as an actor for a long time to come. I want to do it hit or miss."


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