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Types of Kpop Singer's Lip Sync and Music Chart Show's Restriction

Kpop singers' lip sync will be banned at Korean music chart show. On July 1, MBC's 'Show! Music Core' announced that the program will restrict Kpop singers' lip sync.

Actually, not a few Kpop singers have been lip syncing at music chart show, and there are several types of the singers' lip sync.

Type #1. To Play AR and Lip Sync to It (Percentage of Live Singing: 0%)
Some Kpop singers(They usually are idol groups who show dance performance) do not sing live at all. When watching their performance on TV, people can't notice that they are lip syncing because it sounds like they are singing live. However, their voices are all included in AR and they do not sing at all. The AR certainly sounds different from the song recorded in their album, and it confuses fans.

Type #2. Only Lead Vocalist Sings Live (Percentage of Live Singing: 10~20%)
This is quite interesting type of Kpop singer's lip sync. As you know, Kpop idol groups are usually comprised of more than 4 members. And the groups usually have one or two members who sing very well. In this case, when they perform on stage, only lead vocalists sing live, while the other members lip sync. Just like Type #1, it is hard for people to notice that some of the members are lip syncing.

Type #3. To Sing Live Half of the Song (Percentage of Live Singing: 50%)
Some of the singers sing live only half of their songs, while the last parts of the songs are filled with AR. And some of them deceive the public into thinking that they are singing live all the parts of the songs.
And here are Park Hyunsuk, the chief producer of Show! Music Core's comments about Kpop singer's lip sync.

Q. To what degree will you permit the use of AR?
A. Not all the Kpop singers are lip syncing. Most of them use MR or AR to some degree and sing live on stage. I'm not telling about the singers who sing live. There are some singers who lip sync 100%. I'm telling that these kinds of singers should not appear in music chart shows. That's a foul. If a singer sings live on stage and adds his voice to MR that includes his recorded voice, it's OK. And it's also OK to pre-record his voice during rehearsals and lip sync on stage.

Q. In what way will you distinguish lip sync?
A. At first, we have to watch the singers' performance. And then we will listen to the recorded sound. If we are sure about their lip syncing, we will not cast them. There are so many singers who sing well.

Q. There should be Kpop agencies' strong opposition.
A. We do not want the singers to sing live 100%. I know that it's going to be very hard for the agencies to make their singers sing live 100%. We just want to restrict lip syncing 100%.

Q. Why did you decide to restrict singers' lip sync?
A. I became the chief producer of 'Show! Music Core' last March. At that time, sexually suggestive content was a big problem of the show. I tried to find a solution of the problem, and I think it has been solved a lot. The next problem is lip sync.
Q. What is the ultimate goal of the restriction?
A. I don't remember when, but Kpop singers were in and out of plastic surgery hospitals, instead of practicing singing. Kpop is now so popular across the globe, and I think the singers should show quality improvement. The ultimate goal of the restriction is the development of Kpop.
Meanwhile, on the same day, Super Junior's Ryeowook spoke up against the program's decision to ban lip syncing. He tweeted, "To singers, sound system is as important as brilliant stages and lights. It's true that idol singers' lip syncing 100% is a problem, but I think it is a high-handed behavior to emphasize live performance without any improvement of sound system."


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