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SISTAR Achieves Dominance Over Kpop Girl Groups

Sistar made a comback with its second mini album 'Touch & Move'. The album has a total of 6 songs including the title track 'Touch My Body'.

Well, there are so many Kpop girl groups who sing and dance to sexy songs with fast rhythm, but through its latest album, Sistar proved that the group is absolutely holding a dominant position over other girl groups who are doing similar music. The Sistar members sing better, dance better, and even more sexy than the other female idols. Ok, let's talk about Sistar's new album.

'Touch My Body' is an exciting song with a cheerful melody and impressive saxophone sound that leads the music. The repeated chorus with the lyrics "Touch my body" is very catchy.

In the song, Hyolyn, who is the best vocalist among female Kpop idols, shows off her outstanding singing ability, and Soyou, who has gained great popularity with her hit 'Some', leads the melody line with her attractive husky voice. I'm sure that Hyolyn and Soyou are two of the most competitive vocalists among all the female Kpop idols. And Dasom shows off her lovely charm, while Bora gives life to the music by playing a charming rap.

And as you can see in the music video, the members mesmerize all sorts of men with their sexy dancing, but it is not tacky at all. Some of you might be amazed by the members' glamorous figures, right?

Oh, you must not miss third track's 'Naughty Hands' too. Famous Korean rapper Verbal Jint was featured as a rapper in the song, while the song is suggestive of Soyou & JungGigo's hit 'Some'. 'Naughty Hands' is a song about a girl who tells her touchy-feely boyfriend not to touch her body for the present. The song surely bares comparison with 'Touch my body'.

Here are the Sistar members' comments about their new album at their comeback showcase held on July 21. Check it out.

Q. You released your new album after a long interval. How do you feel?
Dasom: It has been about a year and 2 months since we released our second full album 'Give it to me' in 2013. I'm so nervous, and when I performed the first song today, I was shaking like a leaf.
Hyolyn: As it is a comeback after a long interval, I worried a lot about the album. We prepared for the album with a great care.

Q. Is there something special you prepared for the album?
Bora: I dyed my hair yellow for the first time since I debuted in 2010. I'm glad people say it is becoming on me.
Soyou: I lost my weight.
Hyolyn: Actually, I'm not good at something cute or lovely. The other members are much better about it. However, through the new album, I tried to express some cute and lovely feelings.

Q. Soyou, I heard that you raised abdominal muscle by bench pressing. How much can you bench press?
Soyou: Well, the abdominal muscle is sleeping now. I have to wake it up. My record is 55kg.
Bora: Soyou has perfect triceps.
Soyou: Oh, I don't want to be a weight training girl. Let's not talk about weight training any more.

Q. MC Jeon Hyunmoo, comedian Noh Hongchul and actor Kim Bosung appeared in the music video of 'Touch my body'. How was the shooting?
Bora: At the shooting, the guys danced in a very intense mode. Thanks to them, we were able to film the music video very pleasantly.

Q. Before releasing the album, all the members were busy doing individual activities. How was it?
Dasom: I was so proud of the members. When I was filming my drama, I showed all the videos about the members' individual activities to staff members. I was very pleased that all the members have shown consistently strong growth.
Hyolyn: When I released my solo album, I felt too lonely. Due to the members' absence, there was a hole and I couldn't fill it. I realized the importance of the members.
Bora: I appeared in a drama and hosted a music chart show. It was so happy to do what I've never done before. I was pleased that all the members could make a big name.
Soyou: Due to tight schedules, we couldn't get together often. I felt sorry because I couldn't be of help to the members.

Q. Do you have your secret weapons?
Dasom: We are healthy. I expect very much about the album. Since it has been about 4 years since I debuted, I became more confident. And I really love to be on stage.
Hyolyn: I lost a lot of weight and cared about how I look. The album is very meaningful for us because we got together as a team after a long interval.
Bora: I also lost a lot of weight and tried to change my image. I think the members are prettier than ever.
Soyou: We realized the importance of the members and have great teamwork. We will show people another side of Sistar.

Q. What will you do if you take first place on music chart shows?
Hyolyn: We are really good at comic dance. We will show a comic dance at its most extreme.
Dasom: Actually, we do not cling to grade. I just hope that many people will listen to our music.

Q. Do you have a differentiation strategy against other many Kpop girl groups?
Soyou: Unlike other girl group members, we are not white and pretty. Hyolyn is a silky chicken, Bora is a soy sauce chicken, I'm a boiled chicken, and Dasom is a pickled radish. When we were filming the music video, the director tried to compensate color by whitening Hyolyn's skin color, but Dasom disappeared from the scene because her face is too white.
Bora: I've never tanned my skin since I was born. I'm appreciative of my skin. And we will show cheerful and joyful performance.
Hyolyn: I tanned my skin long time ago, but it has been a long time since then. I had a tattoo on my abdomen this time to cover a wound.
Dasom: I think we are not only sexy but also healthy.

Q. Who do you think is the most popular among the 4 members?
Soyou: Haha, at MBC's 'Radio Star' aired last May, I told that I'm more popular than Bora but it was just a joke. It's true that Hyolyn and Bora were more popular than the rest members long time ago, but for now, I think we are all about the same in popularity.

Q. What do you hope to achieve as a Kpop star?
Soyou: There are so many things we want to achieve. We have been focusing on our activities in Korea and couldn't hold our exclusive concert in foreign countries yet. We're dreaming of being active in foreign countries.


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