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god Teaches Idol Groups How to Succeed in Kpop Industry

Legendary Kpop boy group god made a comeback this year. The group released its 8th full album on July 8, while it has been about 9 years since the group released its 7th full album 'The 7th Chapter' in 2005. The group's new album is drawing great attention from fans, and it seems that the songs are bringing back a touch of nostalgia for many fans.

By the way, god's comeback has special meaning not only to fans but also to its junior Kpop idol groups. Let's talk about the teachings of god's comeback.

The Reasons for Idol Group's Breakup
When I ask rookie idol groups what their dreams are, most of them reply this way. "We want to be a team who is loved by many people for a long time." However, that is easier said than done because it is never easy for idol groups to maintain good teamwork for a long time. There are not a few idol groups who get disbanded for various reasons after only two or three years since debut.

And there are several reasons for idol groups' breakup, while the first is discord among the members. 

As you know, many Kpop idols are busy doing their individual activities, and through the activities, each idol member can boost their popularity. Once they become popular among people, some of them think that they do not need their team mates any more and are perfectly capable of singing and performing themselves. 

For this reason, some idols want to leave their teams, but it is very rare for idols to succeed in standing on their own feet.

Team or Individual?
Well, all the people in Kpop industry say that the best way to have a long run in the industry as famous idols is to maintain their teams. Even if they want to do their individual activities, it is much better for them to do the activities as members of idol groups.

Long standing Kpop groups such as god and Shinhwa could have gained popularity for a long time because the groups' members put a premium on a team rather than an individual.

There was a Kpop idol group who was so popular among people. However, the group's members have experienced discord and the groups finally disbanded. After then, the members began their individual activities, but their solo albums were less popular than expected. Yeah, there is certain limit for singers who debuted as members of idol groups and decided to leave their teams later. Do you know what happened next? The members decided to be reunited because it was the only way to survive in the world of Kpop.

Sacrifice and Effort
It was not easy for the god members to be reunited. Especially, it was not certain whether Yoon Gye Sang will join the team or not. After finishing his activity as a member of god, he started his second life as an actor. He appeared in various dramas and movies, and has been recognized as a competitive actor. It would be burdensome for him to comeback as a singer because he had to suffer much hardships to win success as an actor.

In such circumstances, he decided to join the team. He put a premium on a team rather than an individual. Recently, He was admitted into a hospital with encephalomeningitis because he practiced too hard for god's concert. Yes, teamwork demands sacrifice and effort.


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