Girl's Day's Minah & Son Heungmin's Dating

On July 29, 2014, Girl's Day Minah’s agency confirmed that she started going out with famous Korean soccer player Son Heungmin. At first, Minah and Son were fans of each other, but became intimate through SNS. Actually, they were not old lovers. They'd only met twice till they admitted to being in a romantic relationship with each other.

On July 16, 2014, they had their first date, but till then, they were not actual lovers. They were just sharing a fair bit of romantic chemistry and enjoyed their dating at Han River Park. And on July 17, they finally became actual lovers. Son wanted to make a wonderful proposal and gave a bouquet to Minah. After the proposal, they walked hand in hand, looking at each other lovably. Son had to depart for Austria on July 19, and it was their final dating before Son's departure.

Minah's agency denied the dating scandal at first. When I called the agency, they said "It's true that Minah and Son met two times. However, they're not dating. They are just close friends." But, just a few hours later, the agency changed its position and issued the press release, stating, "Minah and Son met two times and they have good feelings toward each other. They have encouraged one another through SNS, and started going out just before Son returned to his football team. Minah is worrying about both Son, who is facing the kickoff of a new season, and the Girl's Day members, who are busy promoting the group's new song.“

Well, when a star is mixed up in a dating scandal, k-pop agency usually weighs the gains and losses. Minah's agency thought that it would be better for them to deny the scandal at first. However, there was a wide-spread opinion that the agency was lying because Minah and Son were walking hand in hand like a loving couple in the photos taken by Korean media outlets, and the agency finally had to admit that the two young stars were dating.

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