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Girl's Day Talks about Male Stars Who They're Hoping to Marry Virtually

Girl's Day's Sojin and Hyeri talked about male stars who they're hoping to marry virtually.

Through recent interview with fashion magazine @Star, the two idol stars talked about their Mr.Right, commenting about their team mate Yura, who is currently appearing in MBC's 'We Got Married'.

Sojin said "I want to appear in the program with Sung Sikyung. He is a good speaker and it looks that he will always allow me to speak anything. He speaks soft words, but he is charismatic too."

And Hyeri stated, "I really like Hyun Bin. I've watched all the films he appeared in. Actually, other members changed their ideal types whenever new dramas are released, but I didn't."

Meanwhile, Girl's Day recently released its new song 'Darling'.


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