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Caught in a Trap of Sexy: Hyuna is in Danger

Hyuna made a comeback with her new solo album 'A Talk'. The album has a total of 5 songs including the title track 'Red'.

Well, I know that many male fans have been looking forward to the sexy queen's new album and it was expected for Hyuna to fascinate the fans with her sexy charm once more.

Through the album, Hyuna tried to differentiate herself from other female Kpop stars by highlighting her unique sexy image. Red symbolizes Hyuna, while the lyrics of 'Red' are "I put on red lipstick, and I’m red. My cuteness that makes you want to bite me is super. Every night, you think of me. I'm like spicy ramen. Come in if you like me. Hyuna’s back. A curvaceous body is just natural for me."

Yeah, everyone agrees that Hyuna is sexy and pretty as she sings in the song. However, after listening to the music for the first time, I wanted to ask her, "So what?"

Lee Hyori, who is regarded as the representative sexy female Kpop star, released her album 'It's Hyorish' in 2008. Yeah, Hyorish is formed from the words Hyori and -ish. Through the album, Lee Hyori caught people's hearts by showing Hyorish style of singing and performing. On stage, she was sexy and pretty just like Hyuna, but there was a crucial difference between the two sexy stars.

Lee Hyori didn't just emphasize her sexy charm. Instead, she told contemporary females to be confident and sexy. As a sexy queen, she sent a meaningful message to ordinary women and it made her popular with other girls.

However, Hyuna is just trying to accentuate her sexy charm. She sings "I'm sexy", "I'm sexy" throughout the album, and it is a really serious problem that Hyuna's(or her agency's) such strategy started to draw unwelcome attention.

In Korea, after Hyuna released her new solo album, some people are posting abusive comments, criticizing Hyuna that she just tries to lead people down the garden path with vulgar body moves and she's not a singer. Well, Hyuna is only 22, and it is so pitiful to see the girl being insulted by so many people.

It looks that Hyuna was caught in a trap of sexy before she knows. Sexy performance has become her trademark, and she had to find out sexier things whenever she released new album. But, as a member of 4minute, as a member of Trouble Maker, and as a solo singer, she has consumed her sexy image too fast. Someone who can advise her about a wise survival strategy is really needed.

Before releasing her album, Hyuna spoke about the album through the interviews with various press media. Let's see what she said.

Q. You made a comeback as a solo singer after an interval of a year and 9 months. How do you feel?
Hyuna: I'm nervous. I've been working very hard to release the album.

Q. What does red mean to you?
Hyuna: It means a lot to me. When I topped music chart show for first time since I debuted, I was wearing a red costume. The color certainly makes me feel good. It is irreplaceable and fits me perfectly.

Q. Do you think you are sexy?
Hyuna: Well, I worked out really hard during my preparation for the album. When I wore my costume and put makeup on to take jacket photos, I thought I was sexy.(laugh) I think I'm more mature than I used to be.

Q. It seems that fans are looking forward to your sexy performance in skimpy costumes.
Hyuna: To meet the expectations of people, I think I have to what I can do. I cared much about exercise and styling. I'm not afraid to show everything about myself.

Q. Beast's Yang Yoseob was featured in your album. Will you perform the song on stage with him?
Hyuna: I'd love to, but there's no chance to perform the song. Beast has just finished its activity for 'Good Luck'. I asked him to sing the song because his voice matches the song well.

Q. Some people take ill of you, and they say it seems that you have strong character. 
Hyuna: It is hard to explain. I think I have to accept what fans say. However, if it is not true, actions speak louder than words. For that reason, I wanted to appear in a reality TV program.

Q. Then, what kind of comments do you want to hear from people?
Hyuna: "No one can do it except for Hyuna." I also like the comments such as "Hyuna is talented" or "Hyuna is confident," but I feel really happy when people recognize my efforts.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
Hyuna: I want to be a brand. I hope people think of the word 'Hot' when they think of me.


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