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The Reason Why Kpop Girl Groups Perform In Front Of Soldiers

In Korea, adult males have to enter the army to serve a mandatory 2 year service. There's no exception. The soldiers are controlled by strict discipline and have to spend 2 years at a military camp full of males except for their leave of absence. For this reason, the military sometimes invites Kpop girl groups, and the girls put on a show at a military camp to boost the morale of the troops. Well, soldiers just go crazy when girl groups show sexy performance in front of them. Check out the video below. It's AOA's performance at a military camp.

Stage Experience
Girl groups usually derive most of their incomes from small concerts. Putting on a show at a military camp also can be their source of incomes, but that's not all. As the main body of the event is military authorities, budget is limited and girl groups are paid relatively little money when they perform at a military camp.

Instead, as you can see in the video above, the soldiers just go wild and there can be an outbreak situation, which means girl groups can gain good stage experience through the performance. Especially for rookie girl groups, it can be helpful for building up their courage, and that's why Kpop agencies want their girl groups to perform at a military camp.

Symbolic Meaning
As you know, most of girl group fans are males, and they form the bedrock of girl groups' support. In that sense, girl groups' popularity at a military camp is symbolic of how much they are loved by male fans. The soldiers can be main fanbase of the girl groups later, after they are released from the army.

Once a girl group succeeds in gaining popularity at a military camp, the group can get a chance to become the most sought-after for various TV programs, commercial films and concerts. So, in a sense, performing at a military camp is the first requirement for girl groups to become known and make good money.

The Most Popular Girl Groups At a Military Camp
Then, who do you think is the most popular Kpop girl group at a military camp?

Girl's Day has been gaining great popularity at a military camp by releasing its hits such as 'Expect' and 'Female president'. Do you remember the group's suspenders dance for 'Expect' performance? Many soldiers imitated the dance moves at a military camp. It seems that Girl's Day is getting more popular among soldiers after releasing its sexy song 'Something' in January 2014.

AOA also is one of the most popular girl groups among soldiers. The group released its new song 'Mini skirt' in January 2014, and the song's choreography that zips the members' mini skirt open drove soldiers out of mind. AOA will release its new song soon, and it is expected that the girl group will electrify the soldiers once again.

BESTie showed off its cute but sexy charm by releasing its new song 'Thank u very much' in February 2014 and succeeded in capturing soldiers' hearts. It has been only a year since BESTie debuted in 2013, but the group already has become the most desired girl group at a military camp. Especially, member Hae Ryeong has been chosen as a cover model for military magazine HIM, proving her group's great popularity among soldiers.


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