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The Reason Why Actress Park Sin Hye Sings

Actress Park Sin Hye released her new song 'My Dear' on June 11. The song is about a a girl who confesses her love to a man, and through the song, Park Sin Hye showed off her sweet voice. 'My Dear' is the second song released by Park Sin Hye in 2014, while the actress already attracted public attention last April, by releasing a song 'Arm Pillow'.

By the way, aren't you curious why the actress releases her single albums in succession even though she is not a singer? Here's the reason why Park Sin Hye sings.

Park Sin Hye is now one of the hottest Korean female stars in foreign countries. She held a fan meeting tour in 6 Asian countries last year and became the first Korean female star who held a Asia tour, while she is planning for her world tour in 2014. She will visit various countries of the world such as Thailand, the United States, China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Have you been to Korean actresses' fan meeting tour? They usually sing, dance, or talk with fans at the event. Last year, Park Sin Hye showed sexy dance performance and played piano on stage, drawing the audience's cheer.

However, it is not easy for an actress to perform an one-two hour concert without singing her own song. That's the biggest reason why Park Sin Hye decided to release her songs.

The official from the actress' agency told me, "If she doesn't have her own song, she has to sing other singers' songs. But it is now possible for her to sing her own songs at fan meeting tour because she released 'Arm pillow' and 'My Dear'."

And added, "Because of language difference, there is a certain limit to communicate with fans only through conversations. Songs help the actress and fans commune with each other."

Park Sin Hye has been showing her outstanding talent in singing for a long time. She took part in OSTs for various Korean dramas such as 'You're Beautiful', 'Heartstrings' and 'The heirs'.

According to people close to Park Sin Hye, she loves to sing and enjoys it. However, it seems that she doesn't have a mind to make a formal debut as a singer.

The official from Park Sin Hye's agency stated, "It is hard to say that she is trying to make a debut as a singer. Acting is a top priority, but at the same time, she will make a variety of attempts to give off her various charm."

'My Dear' is composed by songwriter Park Sin Won, who is well known as Park Sin Hye's older brother, while the lyrics of the song is co-written by Park Sin Hye and him. And Beast's Yong Jun Hyung took part in working on the song as a featured artist. Thanks to the two helpers, Park Sin Hye could work on her song without worries.

Park Sin Hye and Yong Jun Hyung are good friends, and Yong Jun Hyung readily decided to took part in the song. His rap made the song more attractive.

Meanwhile, Park Sin Hye is currently busy filming her new movie 'Sang Eui Won' and will visit Shanghai, China on June 14 to attend 17th Shanghai International Film Festival.


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