Kpop Album Review: GOT7 Shows Growth Potential with 'A'

GOT7 released its second mini album. GOT7 debuted in early 2014 and has received attention of the public because it was the first time for JYP, one of the biggest Kpop agencies, to put out new boy group on the market in 6 years. Park Jin Young, the main producer of JYP, has put a lot of work into producing GOT7's songs.

GOT7 is JYP's first ever hip hop idol, while the group's music is apparently different from that of 2PM, the representative boy group of JYP. These days, not a few Kpop boy groups do hip hop music, but GOT7's music is relatively more like original hip hop and has some experimental sounds.

As you can see in the case of the group's former songs such as 'Girls Girls Girls' and 'I like you', which were all written by Park Jin Young, GOT7's music has repetitive hip hop beats and lyrics, and these elements make the songs addictive.

GOT7's title track for its new mini album that includes a total of 5 songs is 'A'. It's a uptempo R&B piece. 'A' is came from Korean word '에이' which is pronounced like 'A'. It is an interjection and you can use it when you talk to somebody who hides his feelings.

When GOT7 released its debut album in January 2014, the members caught eyes of people by showing martial arts tricking performance. The members tried to be charismatic on stage, but in m opinion, it was a little bit awkward to see the cute members showing charismatic performance.

Through 'A', the GOT7 members try to change their images. As you can see in the music video, they appeal to the general public with their cute and familiar charm, and I think it is quite successful because by doing so, they can be close to the public.

Kpop agencies are now trying to replace a generation of idol stars, and SM's new boy group EXO already got to the summit, while YG's Winner is about to make a debut. It seems that GOT7 is not getting as much attention as EXO and Winner yet, but through its latest album and title track, the group proved its growth potential.

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