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Kpop Album Review: AOA Gives Off its Charm with 'Short Hair'

AOA released its new mini album 'Short Hair'. At Mnet's 'M Countdown' aired on June 19, the girl group performed the title track 'Short Hair' for the first time, showing off its sexy and lovely charm.(Before the song was released, I made a direct translation of the song's title and called it "Bob Cut", but the song's official English title is "Short Hair")

As you can see in the picture above, the AOA members' costumes for 'Short Hair' are quite distinctive. Each of them wore different uniforms for various occupations such as flight attendant, cheerleader and police woman. According to FNC entertainment, the members intended to represent a wide diversity of personalities.

Yeah, they are pretty and attractive. However, that's not all.

As you may know, AOA's label mates are CNBLUE and FT Island, who are the representative Kpop idol bands. And unlike other Kpop idols who usually do dance or hip hop music, FNC's singers do rock music.(FNC's CEO Han Sungho loves rock band music)

Well, the AOA members are also able to show band musical performance. AOA Black, AOA's unit group that is comprised of Jimin, Choa, Mina, Yuna and Yookyung, is a 5-member female band. AOA Black released its song 'Moya' in 2013, and on stage, all the members played musical instrument such as guitar, keyboard and drum.

It is hard to say that playing musical instrument is essential for singers, but it is true that the one who can play instrument at least understands the basics of music. A girl group who can dance and play musical instrument at the same time is rare in the world of Kpop.

'Short Hair' is not as catchy as AOA's former hit 'Mini Skirt'. But, through the song, AOA proves that its music is quite different from that of other Kpop girl groups. Unlike other girl groups' songs, 'Short Hair' does not have electronic sounds and endless hooks. Instead, polished brass and guitar sounds are included in the song.

On the surface, AOA is just a pretty girl group like other Kpop girl groups, but the group is absolutely different from others because its music is based on rock band music just like that of CNBLUE and FT Island. I hope that I will be able to listen to the AOA members' own songs some time or other.

So, 'Short Hair' is a pretty meaningful song for AOA because through the song, the members still show off their sexy and feminine charm just like they did in 'Mini Skirt', but at the same time, they show something different from other girl groups' music.

Third track's 'Joa YO!' is a medium tempo music that is about a hope of leaving busy city. 'Joa YO!' is the most cheerful music among all the tracks of the album, while the members brightened up the mood of the song through their lovely narrations.

Fourth track's 'My soulmate' is a song about sad parting. In the song, the members prove that they also have sufficient singing ability to compete on equal terms with their rival girl groups.

And fifth track's 'You know that' is a powerful and funky music. The song is also based on rock band music, and it is expected that AOA will show band musical performance with the song some day.


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