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Do the Miss A members treat Suzy as an outcast?

On February 3, Miss A's Jia had her birthday party with friends. Of course, Miss A's Min and Fei attended the party too, but Suzy was not there. Well, because of this, doubts have been raised concerning relationships among the Miss A members. Some netizens insist that the three members are leaving Suzy out in the cold.

They look so happy. But, as you can see, Suzy didn't attend Jia's birthday party.

Some insist that the Miss A members treat Suzy as an outcast. The photo was taken at the shooting of 2015 Idol Athletic Championship.

Plus, the members did not follow Suzy's instagram account.

So, what do you think? Do you think Suzy is being bullied now?

"As you know, Suzy is the most popular Miss A member. As an actress and CF model, she has been hogging the limelight, which can rouse the other members' jealousy. Actually, in 2012, when Suzy came into the spotlight as a promising young actress, she wanted to release her solo album.(It doesn't mean that she wanted to leave the team) However, she couldn't because JYP worried the other members might be frustrated. Anyway, it seems that Suzy and the rest members are having ambiguous relationships. They get along well with each other, but I can't say they are best friends."

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