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Big Bang's TOP Talks About his Photos, Life And Big Bang

Big Bang's TOP unfolded his thoughts about his photos, life and Big Bang. On June 4, he held a press conference for his photo exhibition 'From TOP Exhibition'. The photography collection is a result of a collaboration between TOP and photographer Hong Jang Hyun. They visited New York last December to capture moments from the star’s life as a 27-year-old. The collection consists of a photo book with 400 pictorial pages and a short video that details the process behind the collection.

Q. How you came to hold a photo exhibition?
TOP: My agency offered me a photo exhibition. I thought that it's going to be interesting because I've never done that kind of project. I wanted to make a go of it and asked people around me for help.

Q. You visited New York last December. How was your trip?
TOP: At first, I was planning a trip to Italy. And my agency offered me a photo exhibition, and I had to accompany staff members. By the way, air fares to Italy were too high. In New York, I went on drinking continuously. I had a swollen face, but the photographer said that it was natural and interesting.

Q. Did you invite the Big Bang members to the exhibition?
TOP: No, I'm ashamed about inviting them to my exhibition. Actually, I'm so embarrassed to sit here as a host of the exhibition. Instead, I want to invite my mother. I think she will really like the exhibition.

Q. Do you love to take a picture as usual?
TOP: As an entertainer, I have to stand in front of camera often. I'm interested in scenery picture, but do not like to take pictures of myself. And I can't understand why people do SNS. I would use that time for hardworking.

Q. Taeyang recently released his solo album. Are you planning for your solo album?
TOP: On the way to this press conference, I messaged him "Fighting" and he answered "What's with you?" I couldn't fix time to release my solo album. As time goes by, I have much more in my head about the album. If I write an interesting song later, I will release a album that includes various kinds of music.

Q. How are your relations with the Big Bang members?
TOP: As we've known each other from childhood up, we are not in a business relationship. The Big Bang members are like family members. Every member is cheering and supporting each other. Big Bang will be aging altogether.
Q. When will Big Bang's new album be released?
TOP: We just started to work for the album, and I think it's going to be the second half of the year. We have a target date, but I'm not sure that the album will be released on that date.

Q What do you do for self management?
TOP: Just like other people who gets a facial Botox® injection, I drink alcohol for my facial condition. Well, I do not do anything special for self management. I just eat and sleep well.

Q. Tell me your future plan.
TOP: I just finished filming the movie 'The war of flower 2' and will take short break. I filmed the movie with clenched teeth.

Q. What is youth to you?
TOP: Youth is courage. It is like lava inside a volcano. As a 27-year-old, actually, I'm not sure about who I am. I've been doing self-examination since early years, and people around me may know better about myself. I've realized my dream to some extent. I think I'm leading a good life.


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