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2AM's Jinwoon and Secret's Sunhwa Talk about Kpop Idol's Acting

A production press conference for tvN's upcoming new drama 'Marriage not dating' was held in Seoul on June 26. The drama is about a man who is forced to get married, and two famous Kpop idols, 2AM's Jung Jinwoon and Secret's Han Sunhwa play lead roles of the drama. At the press conference, the two talked about their drama and acting.

Q. What kind of character do you play? Don't you have any difficulties in playing the roles?
Jinwoon: He is a bad guy. But I'm a nice guy and there are many differences between the character and me. He has wounded heart and keeps away from women, while women misunderstand that he is playing the fool with them. For me, it is hard to be a bad guy, but I'll do my best.
Sunhwa: She is a medical student. I've usually shown cheerful image, but she is intelligent and has wounded heart. I will not force myself to change image. I'm just trying to find the way to express the character well. She also has some cheerful personality and I want to express the character in multidirectional way.

Q. What do you do to prepare for the drama?
Jinwoon: The character is the man who is prettier than woman. Actually, I do not feel any empathy with it. It makes me uncomfortable. I sweat a lot and have the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes when I laugh. I'm on diet and want to reduce my weight by 8 kilograms.
Sunhwa: Many people think that I'm not fit in with the character. I want to go against people's expectation. About the character, I will have a lot of talk with the director.

Q. Recently, many Kpop idol stars such as MBLAQ's Lee Joon and ZE:A's Lim Siwan are distinguishing themselves in dramas. What do you think about it?
Jinwoon: Their great performance is a great stimulus to me. I think that I should show as great performance as them, and at the same time, I thank them for making people change way of thinking about idol's acting.
Sunhwa: Thank you for interest in idols who are acting in various dramas, but it sometimes is a burden to me. We are in the same boat and my fault can have a bad effect on other idols. We are trying to do our best, supporting each other. Many idols are doing great, and I think that I should show as great performance as them.

And here are director Song Hyunwook's comments about Han Sunhwa.

"I saw her singing on stage and being active in many variety shows. I'm a fan of Sunhwa. I've been searching for an actress who will play the character, and I thought that Sunhwa can express the character n multidirectional way because she has a cheerful personality. I think that she will be able to show as great performance as Coffee Prince's Chae Jungan."(MBC's drama 'Coffee Prince' was aired in 2007 and actress Chae Jungan gained a lot of popularity by expressing attractive and lovely character.)

"At first, I also worried about Sunhwa's limit. However, she personally makes a study of the character and astonishes me by showing something I couldn't expect. She has potential for development."


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