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What Happened At EXO's First Ever Exclusive Concert Without Kris

From May 23-25, EXO held its first ever exclusive concert at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. The group drew a total of 42,000 fans and electrified them by performing its hits such as 'MAMA', 'Wolf', 'Growl' and 'Overdose'.

Well, as you know, only 11 members, except for Kris who has filed a lawsuit against SM entertainment, demanding that his exclusive contract be nullified, took part in the concert. The 11 members talked candidly about how they think about the case. Here's what happened at EXO's concert.

Super Junior's Shindong hosted a press conference that was held just before the concert. He was witty and handled the atmosphere with wonderful skill as a veteran MC.

Check out the EXO members' comments about Kris.

Chanyeol: At first, I was thoroughly confused and worried if we can't show perfect performance. However, we talked with each other and practiced a lot. We worked together in unanimity and finally could make perfect stage. I'm confident that our performance is perfect.

Baekhyun: We had difficulties in changing music and choreography suddenly. But rather than us, the staff members had a really hard time replanning the concert.
Suho: We had only a week to prepare for the concert, so we were embarrassed and heartbroken. We just united as one and hardened team work.

Baekhyun: I want to say thank all the members for preparing so hard for the concert. I'm proud of them.

Chen: After a storm comes a calm. We strengthened our power of unity.

Lay: As I talked in China, I'm so distressed about the accident. Basically, I was damaged and disappointed. There has been a misunderstanding among fans and it divided our fans into two parties. I hope that this kind of accident will not happen again.

Luhan: I was so moved because all the staff members made such a perfect stage in a week.

Just before the start of the concert, Lee Soo Man, the president of SM entertainment, made an appearance at the stadium along with SM's artists like Boa, Super Junior's Siwon, Kyuhyun and Donghae. The EXO fans recognized him and began to chant his name. He greeted the cheering audience by waving his hands.
Lee Soo Man watched the concert to the end, waving light stick. He also lifted high the placard reading "It's time to start."

It is exceptional for him to make his public appearance in this way, and I interpret his appearance as his expression of self-confidence that EXO is OK.

At the end of the concert, D.O. said "What's so hard about that? It's not hard at all. I'm so happy now."

At the concert, EXO performed a total of 31 songs including each member's solo act. A world-renowned choreographer Tony Testa, who had worked with Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, directed the concert, while the EXO members caught eyes of audience by showing top class performance. They tried to commune with fans and proved that they are fan-friendly idol stars. I think it was one of the best idol concerts I've watched in recent years. The large scale stage, LED screen and special devices such as lifts and wires offered many and various attractions.

INTRO: haka(A traditional ancestral war cry dance from the Māori people of New Zealand)
1. MAMA: Korean ver. + Chinese ver.
2. Let Out the Beast: Korean ver. + Chinese ver.
3. I'm Lay: Lay's solo act. It is Lay's own music and he has worked on it for a month.
4. Moonlight: A song from EXO's second mini album

5. Delight: Chanyeol's solo act. He played the drums.
6. Angel: Chinese ver.
7. Black Pearl: Chinese ver.
8. Up Rising: Chen's solo act. The song is written by Kenzie.

9. Sorry Sorry + Dream Girl + Ring Ding Dong + Genie + Gee: Dance battle between EXO-K and EXO-M
10. XOXO: A song from EXO's first regular album's repackaged version
11. Beat Maker: Sehun's solo act. He showed dynamic dance performance.
12. Love, Love, Love: A song from EXO's second mini album

13. Thunder: A song from EXO's second mini album
14. Tell me what is love: D.O.'s solo act. The song is written by Yoo Young Jin.
15. My Lady: Chinese ver.
16. My turn to cry: Baekhyun's solo act. He played the piano and sang the song.
17. Baby don't cry: Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and D.O. performed the song.

18. Machine: A song from EXO's first mini album
19. Breakin' Machine: Xiumin's solo act. He showed charismatic performance.
20. 3.6.5: Korean ver. + Chinese ver.
21. History: Korean ver. + Chinese ver.
22. The Star: Luhan's solo act. (Chinese ver.)
23. Beautiful: Suho's solo act. He went close to audience and communed with fans.

24. Peter Pan: A song from EXO's first regular album
25. Metal: Tao's solo act. He showed off outstanding martial arts skill.
26. Heart Attack: A song from EXO's first regular album
27. Deep Breath: Kai's solo act. He showed great dance moves.
28. Overdose: The title track of EXO's second mini album

29. Wolf(Encore): The title track of EXO's first regular album
30. Growl(Encore): The title track of EXO's first regular album's repackaged version
31. Lucky(Encore): A song from EXO's first regular album's repackaged version

The EXO members said that they were really encouraged by their senior singers of SM.

Suho: All the SM artists such as TVXQ's U-Know Yunho, Boa, SHINee and f(x) have encouraged us.

Chanyeol: Over the phone, Yunho told me not to be too excited and to just enjoy the concert with fans.

Kai: Super Junior's Shindong complimented our performance. I'm very exciting about performing in front of our senior artists.
EXO will hold its concerts in various cities such as Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Manila, Singapore, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Bangkok, Beijing, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka.


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