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Sistar's Smart Ways of Doing its Individual Activities

Kpop idols are currently active in their individual activities. Getting out of their teams, they appear in dramas and movies. It can be an effective marketing strategy for Kpop groups to make each member famous through a variety of individual activities.

However, to produce successful results, idols and their agencies need smart methods and brilliant ideas about their individual activities. In that sense, Sistar is a real example.

Kpop agencies usually provide full support to a representative member of idol group to promote the group. As you can see in the case of Suzy of Miss A, one exceptional member can play a large part in promoting idol group.

The other members may feel sick with jealousy, but making specific member go ahead can be the most realistic strategy.

However, unlike other girl group members, all of Sistar members have been active in their individual activities, without exception.

Hyolyn has cultivated the diva image by appearing in KBS' 'Immortal Songs', and released her solo album last November. She is now regarded as one of the best female idol vocalists in Korea. She also formed a unit group Sistar19 with her team mate Bora and showed off her sexy charm. The two are the eldest members of the team.

Soyou has been gaining great popularity by releasing duets with talented artists such as JunggiGo and Mad Clown. Their songs, 'Stupid in love' and 'Some', were all big hits. Soyou is not the lead vocal of Sistar, but it is considered that she has a proper voice to sing duet with male singers.

Dasom debuted as an actress in 2012 by appearing in KBS' 'Family', and is currently appearing in KBS' 'Love on melody'. Bora, the member of Sistar19, is also appearing in SBS' drama 'Doctor stranger'.

It is not easy for entertainers to be loved by people of all ages. Another reason why Sistar is a real example of smart individual activity is that the group is appealing to all ages, not only teen fans.

Sistar19 captured hearts of people in their 20s and 30s by showing off their sexy charm, while Soyou also appealed to them by singing sentimental songs. Especially, Soyou gave strong impression to underground music fans because her partners, JunggiGo and Mad Clown, have been active as famous underground hip hop artists.

Bora is appealing to people in their 30s and 40s because the target viewers for her drama is mainly people in their 30s and 40s. And in the case of Dasom, her drama is a daily soap opera, and it is targeted at people in their 40s and 50s.

These kinds of various individual activities are the diving force of Sistar's steady growth. Since its debut in 2010, Sistar has been on a fast track by releasing its hits such as 'Loving U' and 'Give it to me'.

You might have heard of Kpop girl group ranking. People rank girl groups based on their popularity and fame, while the ranking has 6 classes such as 'Impossible to surpass', 'Nationwide', 'Social kingdom', 'Mania level', 'Maginot line', and 'Potential candidate'.

In 2012, Sistar was placed between 'Social kingdom' and 'Mania level', but things have changed a lot since then. In 2013, the group jumped up to 'Nationwide', threatening the position of 2NE1, who was regarded as No.2 Kpop girl group at that time.(After releasing its second album 'Crush' in February 2014, 2NE1 is now regarded as being tied with Girls' Generation in No.1 position)

Well, Sistar is now one of the highest-paid girl groups in the world of Kpop, and it is expected that the group will be able to go up to 'Impossible to surpass' in the not too distant future.


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