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Secret Jeon Hyo Sung's Solo Debut: Hot, Sexy and Fascinating

Secret's Jeon Hyo Sung made a debut as a solo singer. She released her first ever solo album 'Top Secret' on May 12 and held a debut showcase in Seoul. I was there and could hear what she really thinks about her album. At the showcase, Jeon Hyo Sung performed the title track 'Good-night kiss' for the first time, catching eyes of people by showing off her super sexy charm.

Q. You released your first solo album. How did you prepare for the album?
Hyosung: As this is my first ever solo album, I tried to care about every little thing. I directly participated in selecting jacket photos and songs. I went to the cutting room to select the best shots for music video, and discussed the album concept with composers. Because I participated in album produce so much, it feels like the album is my lovely child.

Q. How long have you prepared for the album?
Hyosung: Actually, I have steadily prepared for the album since last summer. I have written some songs, and after listening to the songs, my agency's CEO said it's good to release my solo album.

Q. Did Secret members give you any advice?
Hyosung: While preparing for the album, I asked their opinions about my album many times. They helped me a lot as if it is their own album. They also came to filming spot of music video, and I really drew strength from them.

Q. Other female solo singers such as G.NA and T-ara's Jiyeon also release their solo albums around the same time. What do you think about it? (G.NA released her new song 'G.NA's Secret' on May 12, and Jiyeon will release her solo debut song 'One minute, One second' on May 20. Check out G.NA's music video below)

Hyosung: Well, I'm close to G.NA. This is a very funny situation because all of the 3 singers' new songs are composed by same composer. It's Double Kick. I think each of the songs has different attraction. It is true that I'm aware of rivalry, but I think it's going to be interesting to appear in various music shows with them. I hope it's going to be win-win situation.

Q. Do you have any differentiation strategy?
Hyosung: I think G.NA and Jiyeon are thin, but I'm not. I'm healthy. I can show some healthy energy when I'm performing the song. And fans will be able to see some new aspects of me because this is my first ever solo album.

Q. So, you decided to attract fans with your sexy charm?
Hyosung: The song is not just sexy. It's dreamlike, sweet and secret. Well, I love sexy concept because sexy is something that only women can have. Women are sexy when they are confident. It seems a pity that some singers stick to sexy concept regardless of their music. If sexy is a necessary part of music, I do not think ill of sexy concept.

Q. In comparison to your performance as a member of Secret, will you show some different performance as a solo singer?
Hyosung: I worried much about it. I wanted to show something that is different from what people have expected. I'm not as good singer as Secret's lead vocal Song Ji Eun, but I think my voice is sufficiently attractive. I tried to maximize the charm of my voice.

Q. What is your goal as a solo singer?
Hyosung: I have a goal. 'Good-night Kiss' is the song that is good to listen to before going to bed. It's like lullaby and sweet. I want to appear in every music fan's dream. And I will make steady and persistent effort to be a competitive artist.


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