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Legendary Kpop Boy Group god Makes a Comeback

Legendary Kpop boy group god(Kim Tae Woo, Son Ho Young, Yoon Gye Sang, Joon Park and Danny Ahn) made a comeback with its new song 'The Lone Duckling'.

On May 8, the single was released through various online music sties and music fans showed an enthusiastic response to it.

Here's the song.

'The Lone Duckling' is the ballad music with a slow tempo, and in the song, a bruised person is likened to a ugly duckling. The song is composed by hit maker Double kick, who has produced famous idol groups' songs such as Girl's Day's 'Something' and APink's 'Mr.Chu', but 'The Lone Duckling' is strikingly different from the songs. 'The Lone Duckling' maximizes god's inherent attraction just as the group former hits such as 'Road'(2001) and 'Love and remember'(1999) did.

It has been 12 years since the 5 members released god's 5th regular album 'Chapter 5' in 2002. 'The Lone Duckling' is now receiving people's especial attention by evoking nostalgic feelings.

In my case, I was almost in tears when I listened to the song for the first time as I recalled old days.

The legendary group's comeback is expected to have influence on young idol groups. The official from one Kpop idol agency told me, "The young idols are amazed to god's comeback. They want to be like god, who is loved by many fans for a long time."

god made a debut in 1999 and made many hit songs such as 'Road', 'Love and remember', 'To my mother' and 'One candle'. However, member Yoon Gye Sang left the group in 2002, and after 2005, all the members focused on individual activities.

Meanwhile, god will hold its exclusive concert for the 15th anniversary in Seoul on July 12 and 13.


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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!