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EXO's Chanyeol Gives a Meaningful Smile at a Dating Rule of 'Room Mate'

EXO's Chanyeol gave a meaningful smile at a dating rule of SBS' new entertainment show 'Room mate'.

At the program aired on May 4, Chanyeol moved into the accommodation for the cast members of the show, and checked out rules for living.

It said, "We strongly encourage the tenants to date each other. If you become a couple, you will win a oversea trip."

To this, Chanyeol gave a meaningful smile. Female cast members of the program are 2NE1's Park Bom, After School's Nana, actress Hong Soo Hyun and martial artist Song Ga Yeon.

Check out GIFs below. Chanyeol at 'Room mate'. Isn't he cute? :)

Chanyeol stated, "As an idol, I've usually showed good-looking performance on stage. However, in this program, I will show fans my casual aspects. I'm a little bit worried about fans' reaction, but I believe that they will not dislike a new side of me.

In 'Room mate', 11 stars share the pleasures and pains of life with each other as room mates. Chanyeol's room mate is veteran singer and actor Shin Sung Woo, and the picture below is their room.


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