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Seungri Talks About his Drama and Big Bang

Big Bang's Seungri was cast to SBS' new drama 'Angel Eyes'. Before the broadcast, the production presentation for the drama was held, and Seungri unfolded his candid thoughts about his drama and Big Bang at the event.

Q. This is your first drama appearance in Korea. How do you feel?
Seungri: I know that many Korean fans was disappointed because Big Bang has not been active in Korea. I've been doing a lot of thinking about my activities in Korea. Along the way, I could meet this wonderful drama and great character. As a member of Big Bang and an actor, I'll try to show better performance. I want to give a lot of energy to the drama.

Q. Tell me about your character.
Seungri: He's a rescue worker who came from Texas. As his birthplace is Chungcheong Province, Korea, he speaks with a Chungcheong Province accent. Producer of the drama and my senior actors such as Gong Hyung Jin, helped me a lot when I was worrying about how to construct the character.

Q. Didn't Big Bang members give any advice to you?
Seungri: I think TOP is successfully building his career as a great actor. He told me to emit my positive energy when I act. All the members of Big Bang and my agency's CEO Yang Hyun Suk are giving support for me.

Q. Is there any reason for your challenge to acting?
Seungri: I debuted as a singer because I loved music so much. But, as time passes, I though that I want to show my talent through a greater variety of fields. I have that kind of appetite. I love to entertain other people, and want to cause people's laughter by appearing in this drama. From the middle phase of the drama, there will be some romantic elements too.

Seungri posed with Goo Hye Sun and Gong Hyung Jin. As you may know, Goo Hye Sun is in YG Entertainment too.

*Thanks to Seungri's witty words, the atmosphere at the event had heightened. With a Chungcheong Province accent, he also showed his character's way of speaking

*'The Avengers 2' is currently being filmed at Mapo Bridge, Seoul. Stating about this, Seungri joked, "Without the Avengers, our drama could be filmed at the same place. Because of them, traffic has been completely shut down in the area."

*Jung Jin Young, a veteran actor, said "Actually, I knew Big Bang but didn't know who Seungri is. He is witty and behaves in a pleasant manner.

*Seungri said Big Bang will be forever, and joked that the Big Bang members have never had an argument since their debut because G-Dragon punishes him when he raises his voice to GD.

Seungri with all the actors who attended the production presentation. The man third from the right is Jung Jin Young.


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