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Logic of Capitalism in Kpop Idol's Public Relations

FNC entertainment's new boy band N.Flying.

Every year, numerous new Kpop idols debut, but being a real star is like waiting for dead men's shoes.

The idols who are about to debut have to do something to be noticed by people, and one of the most important things is public relations. However, there is huge difference between big Kpop agency's method of promoting its singers and that of small agency. After all, it is the logic of capitalism.

Let's see girl group Crayon Pop's case. The 5-member girl group made a big hit with its song 'Bar Bar Bar' in 2013, and is gaining attention from people by releasing another song 'Uh-ee' in April 2014.

But, everything was so different when Crayon Pop debuted in 2012. The group released its first mini album but no one paid attention, and it was really hard for them to get a chance to perform on the stage of TV music chart shows.

As the group's agency had no money and no influence, the members had to promote themselves to people. In spite of cold weather, they went out to street and perform their songs there. The head of the agency bought a helmet for 25,000 won(about 23 dollars) and each member wore it while they were performing 'Bar Bar Bar'. The budget for music video of 'Bar Bar Bar' was only 380,000 won(about 360 dollars).

On the other hand, big agencies are providing full support to its new idols, helping them to be able to be one step ahead of their competitors.

Winner's Kang Seung Yoon and Lee Seung Hoon.

Winner is a new boy group of YG entertainment, home to Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1, and the group is attracting public attention even before its official debut. By appearing in TV reality shows such as Mnet's 'WIN' and 'Winner TV', they could show off their variety charms. New idols of small agencies can never think of appearing in that kind of TV programs before debut.

Winner also could get a chance to perform at Big Bang and 2NE1's concerts, which helped them to gain a variety of stage experiences. The group is already as popular as other existing singers in the world of Kpop.

So is N.Flying, a new boy band of FNC entertainment, home to FT Isalnd, CNBLUE and AOA. The band members are appearing in tvN's reality show 'Cheongdam-dong 111', and performed at FT Island and CNBLUE's concerts. When the production presentation of 'Cheongdam-dong 111' was held, all the FNC's artists such as FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA and Juniel attended the event and sent cheers to N.Flying.

Most of small Kpop agencies even don't have well-organized promoting systems. Some singers of small agencies personally write a press release and they can never even dream of performing at TV shows.

The official from one small Kpop agency stated, "As the Kpop market is becoming larger and competition stronger, big agencies are implementing aggressive marketing strategy. For small agencies, the situation of public relations is steadily worsening."


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