Secret's Jeon Hyo Sung Gets Special Present From Fans

Secret's Jeon Hyo Sung received a special present from her fans.

On March 1, Jeon Hyo Sung revealed a photo taken at the filming spot of OCN's drama 'Cheo Yong'. In the picture, she smiled brightly, holding a lunch box in her hand. Jeon Hyo Sung's fans sent lunch boxes and snacks for 100 people to the filming spot, with supportive messages for her. This is Jeon Hyo Sung's first attempt at acting since her debut in 2009.
TS Entertainment, Jeon Hyo Sung's agency, stated, "As this is her first challenge, Jeon Hyo Sung is showing a great attachment to the drama and character. Thanks to her fans' special present, Jeon Hyo Sung braced her energies."

Meanwhile, 'Cheo Yong' is the drama about a detective who can see ghosts and solve mysterious cases. Jeon Hyo Sung plays the role of a ghost Han Na Young, a high school girl, and is showing impressive performance.

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