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Mysteries Surrounding Wonder Girls' Sun

Wonder Girls' Sun will head to Haiti to carry out missionary work for five years. She announced the plan through her official fan site, saying, "I decided to live a second life devoted to missionary work with my husband. We will leave for Haiti in July, and my activities as a entertainer will be an extension of this goal as well."

She surprised many people once already by announcing her marriage with a missionary in January 2013, becoming the only Kpop girl group member who got married during entertainment activities.

Well, Sun's choices leave room for questions. During 5 years of Sun's missionary work, what will come of Wonder Girls? And why did JYP Entertainment chose re-signing with Sun who is not likely to be active as a member of Wonder Girls?

Wonder Girls' Future As a Team
In June 2012, Wonder Girls released the song 'Like This' and gained great popularity, topping various Kpop music charts. And in July, they showed off their undiminished power by releasing another song 'Like Money'. However, since then, the 5 members never once performed on stage together.

Actually, it is within bounds to say that the group's team activity was practically over after Sun's marriage. At that time, Sun said that she will devote herself to her family for the meantime. Before the group's debut, Park Jin Young, the CEO of JYP Entertainment formed the team focusing on the leader Sun. As the center of Wonder Girls dropped out of the team, the other members lost direction.

Member Sohee's move to BH Entertainment was a symbolic event that shows Wonder Girls' crisis. After the end of her contract with JYP Entertainment in December 2013, Sohee made a new contract with BH Entertainment, home to famous Korean actors like Lee Byung Hun and Go Soo.

The official from one Korean entertainment agency stated, "Sohee said that she wants to start her second like as an actress. But, if Sohee have a vision as a member of Wonder Girls, there is no reason to leave JYP."

What is the Reason For JYP and Sun's Re-Signing?
After announcing that she will head to Haiti, Sun has been at the center of criticisms because it seems that she made selfish choices, irregardless of the other members' future. To this, the official said, "Sun has sedate and no-nonsense personality. I'm sure that JYP and Sun already had sufficient discuss over her missionary work."

Then, what is the reason for JYP's renew with Sun? Along with Sohee, Sun's contract with JYP ended in December 2013 too, but the agency re-signed with Sun.

Wonder Girls and JYP have been maintaining a close relationship with each other. Since its debut, Wonder Girls has been playing a leading part on the growth of JYP. Even after leaving Wonder Girls, the former member Sunmi attended Sun's wedding ceremony, showing off their closeness. You can say JYP and Sun chose friendship over immediate gains. JYP announced that they will never disband the team.

Another reason for JYP and Sun's re-signing is that maintaining the name brand Wonder Girls is useful for each member's individual activity for the next few years. There still are many fans who give support to Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls' Future As Individual Artists
The Wonder Girls members have no choice but to focus on their individual activities. As solo artists, they need to find a way to make a living.

Yenny is currently improving her ability as a music producer. She composed the song 'If that was you' that was included in Sunmi's recent solo album. And by appearing in a musical 'The Three Musketeers', she has gained recognition as a promising musical actress.

Yubin transformed into an actress. She made her TV drama debut through OCN's drama 'The Virus' aired in 2013, and is currently focusing on acting practice. As a talented female rapper, she was also featured in various songs such as Ivy's 'I Dance' and Sunmi's 'Who am I'.

Hyerim is currently hosting EBS' radio program 'English Gogo', making the most of her special ability in English. She is planning to work in various fields of activity.


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