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Kpop Album Review: 4Minute Needs Some Reversal

5-member girl group 4minute made a comeback with its brand new album. The group's album '4minute world' that was released on March 17 includes a total of 5 track including the lead song 'Whatcha Doin' Today'.

'Whatcha Doin' Today' is composed and written by Brave Brothers who made the group's former hit 'What's your name?'. As a hitmaker, Brave Brothers wrote the song which is just perfect for 4minute. The song's cheerful rhythm and trendy melody stimulate listeners' ears. As soon as being released, 'Whatcha Doin' Today' topped a variety of music charts, proving that 4minute made a successful start.

However, music fans who have been waiting for 4minute's new album for about 9 months may be disappointed in the album because the album is not that fresh.

Through 'Whatcha Doin' Today', the members show off their sexy charm, while Hyuna is holding the central place in the group. As the addictive lyrics "Whatcha Doin' Today" is repeated with a exciting melody, the song reminds people of 'What's your name?'. 'Whatcha Doin Today' reflects 4minute's unique color, but it copies the formula to gain public popularity just as the group's former hits did. There is no sign of getting another make-over.

Recently, Girls' Generation(SNSD) and 2NE1, the most popular Kpop girl groups, are fiercely competing to survive in the world of Kpop singers. From the point of view of 4minute, who has legged behind the two girl groups, a reversal was needed, but 4minute couldn't show sufficient quantities of it through their song and music video.

Member Jeon Ji Yoon's rapping skill, however, is impressive enough to show the group's new possibility. Jeon Ji Yoon has been active as a powerful vocalist of the group, but through the new song, she transformed into an attractive rapper.

Actually, Hyuna has been in charge of rapping in the group and is catching people's attention by showing off her characterful voice and sexy charm. But it is true that she is not a competent female rapper, and Jeon Ji Yoon compensates her defect. Creating a harmony as low tone and high tone rappers, Hyuna and Jeon Ji Yoon show 4minute's musical development possibility.

Overall, 4minute's new album has sex appeal, which is a highly effective strategy to maximize the group's charm as the team that has 'Sexy Queen' Hyuna. 4th track's 'Come in', sung by Huh Ga Yoon and Hyuna, is the notable example of the group's track which has sex appeal.

But, the song couldn't talk about discourse of sexuality in metaphoric and refined way. It overemphasized the sex appeal in hard-hitting way so that it feels like 4minute has a obsession about sex appeal.

Here are the lyrics of 'Come in'.

"In the night, I'm a little bit dangerous girl. Baby, I'm so dangerous. Do not hesitate to come inside me. Hug me, baby. Touch me. Have it away with me as if we'll die tonight."


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