Girl's Day's Hyeri Comments about her Ex-Boyfriend

Girl's Day's Hyeri commented about her ex-boyfriend.

At MBC Music's 'Picnic Live' aired on March 6, Hyeri said "I had date with my first boyfriend for over a year, but we broke up because of a petty misunderstanding."

And added, "He suddenly cut off all communication with me, and I told him that we'd better break up. He accepted the suggestion readily."

Meanwhile, at the show, team mate Sojin talked about Hyeri's popularity in her school years. Sojin stated, "I heard that more than half of male students in Hyeri's school fell in love with her. The only thing they were interested in was chasing Hyeri."

Hyeri added, with a smile, "Male students had a gang fight because of me."

Yeah, she is attractive enough to deserve it. Agree? Check out the music video of Girl's Day's 'Something'.

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