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2NE1 Talks About 'Crush' at a Rehearsal for its Exclusive Concert

2NE1 held its exclusive concert in Seoul, Korea from March 1-2. And before the concert, 2NE1 talked about its concert and new album through Naver's Star Cast on air. Check out what they commented about themselves.

Q. You are about to hold your exclusive concert in Seoul. How do you feel?
Minzy: I feel really great about performing new songs for the first time at the concert.
Sandara Park: This is the happiest moment in my lifetime. Thanks to our fans' support, we can appear on such a gorgeous stage.
(Members asked CL how she feels about the concert, mentioning about her self written songs mischievously. Three songs of 2NE1's latest album 'Crush' were composed and written by CL, but she was shy about commenting about the tracks.)

Q. What do you do in your free time during concert rehearsal?
Park Bom: I usually spray mist on my face for moisturizing. (She actually sprayed moisturizing mist on her face instantly.)
Sandara Park: I exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
Minzy: I keep a diary these days. Oh, I can't tell about the content of diary. It's secret.
CL: Well, I have so many things to do in my free time. I spray Bom's moisturizing mist on my face and read Minzy's diary.(Laugh)

Q. Through the concert, what do you want to show?
CL: Even before talking about detailed items, we gave a title to the concert 'All or Nothing'. We cast the dice on the concert.
Sandara Park: Each member will show special charm in different ways.(Without giving too much information, she saved her breath.)

Q. Among all the songs to be performed at the concert, which song are you looking forward to the most?
Minzy: It's 'Missing You'. It's a beautiful song.
Park Bom: 'If I were you'. We will do something notable at the concert.
Sandara Park: It's the new song from our latest album, but I will not tell you. (And then, she told CL "Come Back Home" in a whisper. Isn't she cute?)
CL: Me? It's secret.

Q. Wasn't it hard for you to prepare for concert and new album at the same time?
Sandara Park: Yes it was, but it has been a really tremendous experience.
CL: It was physically challenging but mentally fruitful. I don't want to complain about losing sleep. I think great performance is the result of much practice and hard work.

Q. Why did you give a title 'Crush' to your new album?
CL: Yang Hyun Suk(CEO of YG Entertinament, 2NE1's agency) gave the title to it. 'Crush' is used in a double sense as 'the act of crushing' and as 'temporary love of an adolescent'.

Q. Tell me your favorite song among new album's tracks.
Minzy: It's 'Good to you'. It's addictive song. (To this, Sandara Park said "I like the song too," and Minzy stated playfully, "Oh, I think you have experienced the love that is described in the song."  Sandara replied, "No, I don't know love.")
Sandara Park: I like the acoustic version of 'Come Back Home'. It was so hard to record the song, and I was praised from the producer Teddy.
Park Bom: If I were to pick only one, I guess 'Baby I miss you' would be it. Sandara showed refreshing voice tone with the song.
CL: I can't pick only one. Except for my self written tracks, I like 'MTBD'(Mental Breakdown) the most. The song is filled with my thoughts.

And after the Q&A session, 2NE1 had a good time with their fans through the connection of a telephone call. A teenage girl said "I love all of your new songs. I cried when I listened to the music. I made an appointment with my dad that I will study hard if he let me go to 2NE1's concert. Please show me your energetic performance at the concert"

And a teenage boy stated, "I hope that you will be able to just enjoy your stage, not clinging to music charts."

After finishing telephone conversation, Sandara Park expressed how moved she was, by saying "It just does things to me. It seems that I already became intimate with fans."

There was a special event too. The members gave a surprise party for CL's birthday. They sang "Happy birthday" to her, and CL expressed her gratitude.

On the stage, 2NE1 began its rehearsal for the concert in earnest. They checked the audio equipment with deliberation. They revealed the stage performance for 'Crush' for the first time and it was really impressive. And the rehearsal was followed by the performance for 'Fire' and 'Scream'. 2NE1 did their level best as if it is the actual concert. Check out live performance video of 'Crush' and 2NE1's photos for their rehearsal.


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