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'Truth or Dare' Review: Gain's Growth or Recharge

Brown Eyed Girls' Gain made a comeback with her new solo album 'Truth or Dare'. 'Truth or Dare' is her third mini album following 'Step 2/4'(2010) and 'Talk about S'(2012). Let's see what Gain brought with her this time.

◆Alluring 'Truth or Dare'
The title track 'Truth or Dare' is the song about rumor and truth. In an intro, dreamlike piano melody and bass line stimulate sensitivity. The funky pop number automatically get your head and shoulders bobbing with the sound of the beat.

Gain's voice is still attractive. She proves that she can espress all the human emotions well without powerful high notes or a turgid expression. She moves over the rythm with a smooth, effortless grace.

Add to this, Gain shows splendid dance performance with male backup dancers. She is so alluring, and the music video is interesting too. The video is done in a fake documentary style, which is based on how staffs and friends look at her.

However, the song is not as fresh as expected. It reminds people of the singer's former hit 'Bloom' because 'Truth or Dare' borrowed the hit formula from 'Bloom'. It looks like that Gain is recharging herself after winning a complete success as a solo singer with 'Bloom'.
◆Daring 'Fxxk U'
The most impressive track of the album is 'Fxxk U'. The song describes women's views of sex. The R&B number has classical guitar sound and has great tempo as well.
In the music video, Gain shows daring acting with actor Joo Jihoon, but she looks so elegant and beautiful. It looks that Gain succeeded in delicate balancing act between art and pornography. Showing off her musical growth, she shows an easy and composed attitude with her attractive tone. Plus, Bumkey is livening up the song as a featured artist.

The satisfactory track demonstrates convincingly that Gain is a step above so-so Kpop female idols.
◆JYP and Lee Hyori's Competitive Tracks
Famous musicians like Park Jing Young and Lee Hyori participated in Gain's album as songwriters.
The song 'Q&A' is composed and written by Park Jin Young. The duet song, featured by 2AM's Jo Kwon, is about man and woman who are saying good-bye to each other. The lyrics are touchy and the relaxed melody is emotional, while Gain and Jo Kwon work in perfect harmony. The song is as charming as 'Truth or Dare' and 'Fxxk U'.
Lee Hyori composed 'Black & White'. The song gives a detailed portrayal of the inner side of a woman who has two faces. It is suggestive of Lee Hyori's 'Bad Girls'. It is not fresh that much, but through the song, Gain shows off her distinctive charm in her own unique way. 


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