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(Kpop Behind the Scenes) SM The Ballad's Joint Recital

SM Entertainment's 6 prominent artists, Girls' Generation(SNSD)'s Taeyeon, SHINee's Jonghyun, f(x)'s Krystal, EXO's Chen, Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi and Zhang Li Yin, participated in SM The Ballad's joint recital held at Coex Artium, Seoul on February 12.

The singers sang live the tracks of S.M. THE BALLAD Vol. 2 `Breath` album for the first time. With their powerful voices and outstanding singing abilities, they electrified fans. Their performance was really impressive.

Interesting Comments
MC: You sang about breakup in this album. Do you have any experience in breakup?
EXO's Chen: Well, there is indirect experience too. When I expressed the feelings, I was helped by my indirect experience of breakup. I watch movies often, haha. My actual experience of breakup? No comment.
Zhang Li Yin: I filmed the music video with Chen, and I think his eyes were sad.

MC: Did you work in perfect harmony with Chen while singing Chinese version of the song 'Breath'?
Zhang Li Yin: Absolutely. Chen's high note is really attractive. He has great singing ability.
EXO's Chen: I had rough time because of Chinese lyrics, but she was very helpful for me.
Zhang Li Yin: He is a man of kind character. He always smiles and cheers me up.

MC: Your smile lifts the corner of your mouth. Can you tell me how high it is lifted?
EXO's Chen: Well, I didn't measure it, but it goes up high when I smile. (And he gave fans a sweet smile)

MC: You sang 'A Day without you' with Chen. How was it?
SHINee's Jonghyun: He sings really well. I already knew it since he was a trainee of SM Entertainment. It was great to sing with him. Chen is the future of SM Entertainment. Me? I'm like a civil servant of SM Entertainment, haha.

MC: Did your team mates make any comment on SM The Ballad's album?
Girls' Generation's Taeyeon: The members have listened to the songs. They really like it. Sunny likes 'Breath', while Yuri likes 'Set Me Free'.
SHINee's Jonghyun: Actually, there has been no feedback from SHINee members.(laugh) My manager really likes 'Breath'.

MC: I think you two showed great harmony while singing 'Breath' together.
SHINee's Jonghyun: As a matter of fact, we can't be immersed in emotion if we make eye contact with each other. I usually look elsewhere, while Taeyeon closes her eyes.

Interesting moments
*Chen said his favorite mobile games are 'All together Boong Boong Boong' and 'Taming Monster'.
*After performing 'When I was, when u were' with Krystal, Chen made a gentle touch of his hand on her shoulder, offering words of encouragement. However, to this, one of Chen's fans shouted, "Do not touch the shoulder!"
*Zhou Mi had difficulty in speaking on the stage owing to his clumsy Korean pronunciation. But he was cute because he tried so hard.

The picture below is the present that I received from SM Entertainment after the event. Guess what's in it. Croissants and fruits. It was delicious. (The box was a little dented. It was my fault.)

And this is the light stick for SM The Ballad's joint recital.


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