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(Kpop Behind the Scenes) Secrets about Sunmi's Bare Feet

Have you ever watched former Wonder Girls' member Sunmi's solo performance? She captures people's heart by showing fascinating dance performance. In 2013, she made a big hit with her first single '24 hours' and in 2014, she once more came into the spotlight with her new song 'Full Moon'.

If you watched stage performances of two songs, did you notice that the two have one thing in common? Yeah, it's Sunmi's bare feet. She sings and dances with naked feet while she performs '24 hours' and 'Full Moon'.

Well, there's a secret about Sunmi's bare feet. Let's talk about it.

The Birth of Bare Feet Performance
Before releasing '24 hours', Sunmi intentionally gained weight for her healthy and sexy image.(38kg→46kg) And to maximize her sexy charm, she decided to perform with bare feet. Park Jin Young, the executive producer of JYP Entertainment, emphasized moderation and naturalness.

As doing collaborative dance performance with a male dancer, she steps on his thigh and shows a variety of movements. What if she was wearing high heels? Ooh, just think about it scares me. Thanks to Sunmi's naked feet, the male dancer remains unharmed.

Difficulties in Bare Feet Performance
What would happen if you walk around in bare feet? Your feet will became dirty, of course. For this reason, Sunmi's staff members always have to be on standby holding wet towels in their hands. After completing her performance, Sunmi immediately checks the state of her feet to keep it clean.

Here's one more difficulty in bare feet performance. She sometimes slips on the stage because of her naked feet. For the prevention of slipperiness, Sunmi puts transparent tape on feet and removes it right away. It can increase an adhesive strength.

Rebirth of Bare Feet Performance
Actually, Sunmi planned to wear high heals when she performs 'Full Moon'. However, she changed her mind because she thought that high heals did not fit with the song. To emphasize her feminine charm, she stepped onto a stage in bare feet again.

Add to this, there's another important reason for her choice. As you can see in the video of Sunmi's 'Full Moon' performance, she does a special choreography on the sofa. She once stepped on sofa wearing high heals, but the sofa was torn easily and it was hard for her to keep balance.


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