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(Kpop Behind the Scenes) Kim Jang Hoon's Impish Jokes to Crayon Pop

On February 5, a press conference for Kim Jang Hoon & Crayon Pop's 'Korea Fireman Project' was held at Korea Press Center. The collaborative project was planned to cheer for Korean firemen who are working hard in poor surroundings. Kim Jang Hoon & Crayon Pop released the cheering song 'Hero' for firemen.

At the press conference, Kim Jang Hoon delivered an impassioned speech about real condition of Korean firemen's poor working environment. People listened to his words attentively, and everything proceeded in a calm manner.

However, at the appearance of Crayon Pop, the mood changed. Well, there's a big age gap between Kim Jang Hoon and Crayon Pop, - Kim Jang Hoon was born in 1967, while the Crayon Pop members are in their mid-20s - and Kim Jang Hoon began to tell the young members one of his impish jokes.

When the members said "Kim Jang Hoon gave careful consideration to us during recording the song. He is so humorous," Kim Jang Hoon stated, "Well, most of my junior singers usually just laugh even if I tell a hoary old joke. But, Crayon Pop never laugh at it."

And when the press conference was over and Crayon Pop was going to waiting room to change their clothes for stage performance, Kim Jang Hoon played a practical joke again. The members tried to hand over their microphones to him, and Kim Jang Hoon said "Why do you give it to me? Do I look that easy to you?"

Crayon Pop looked flustered for a moment, but smiled sweetly soon.

Oh, Crayon Pop didn't just stand by either. At the end of the press conference, they said "We have filmed the music video together, but, unexpectedly, he couldn't dance well. It was so funny."

Anyway, the event ended in a very friendly atmosphere. :) Check out the music video of Kim Jang Hoon & Crayon Pop (Crahoon Pop)'s 'Hero' below!

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