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Concert Review: BIGBANG +α IN SEOUL

Seating chart for Big Bang's concert
Big Bang held its 'BIGBANG +α IN SEOUL' concert at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park from January 24 to 26. I went there on January 25, with great expectations. Well, it has been a year since the five members held their concert in Seoul, while they foucused on their activities in Japan for the past year. I've been to G-Dragon's solo concert in March 2013, but I felt something great was missing because the rest of the Big Bang members were not there.

Before Show Time
As expected, the concert venue was overcrowded with fans. There also were many foreign fans from Japan, China or other countries. The concert drew 36,000 fans.(12,000 a day)

When you arrive at the venue, you can see the big images of Big Bang members. Aren't they cool? People usually have their picture taken with the members in the background.

Yoo can purchase Big Bang goods too. Here are goods list, and pick out what you like. When I was there, some of the goods were all sold out.

Show Time
My ticket was for zone 1, floor standing. Well, when the Big Bang members appeared, people went wild. Big Bang kicked off the concert by singing 'Haru Haru' in acoustic version. And it led to 'Blue', 'Bad Boy', 'Gara Gara Go' and 'Hands Up'. The members sang 'Gara Gara Go' in Japanese, receiving fervent response from Japanese fans.
Their performance was full of power and strength, and they put everything into the concert. After sending their greetings to fans, they performed solo acts.

The youngest Seungri was the first to hit the stage. He performed 'Let's talk about love', 'Gotta talk to U' and 'What can I do', showing off his amazing talents. Daesung was handed the baton, and performed 'Wings' and 'Joyful'. 'Joyful' is the song single that was released in Japan.

After the two members' magnificent solo performance, all five members performed their older songs 'A fool of tears', 'La La La', 'BIGBANG' and 'Shake it', which reminds fans of the old days.

Taeyang, G-Dragon and TOP's solo acts were quite impressive too. Taeyang performed 'Only look at me', 'Wedding dress' and 'Ringa Linga', while GD performed 'Crayon' and 'Crooked'. TOP electrified audience by showing off his polished rapping skills with his hits 'Turn it up' and 'Doom Dada'.

The concert reached the climax. Big Bang has stir many people's pulse by performing 'Tonight', 'Feeling', 'Last Farewell', 'Fantastic Baby', 'Lies' and 'Heaven'.

Here's the song list for 'BIGBANG +α IN SEOUL'
Haru Haru - Blue - Bad boy - Gara Gara Go - Hands up
Seungri's Solo Performance (Let's Talk about love + Gotta talk to you + What can I do)
Daesung's Solo Performance (Wings + Joyful)
A fool of tears - La La La - BIGBANG - Shake it
Taeyang's Solo Performance (Only look at me + Wedding dress + Ringa Linga)
G-Dragon's Solo Performance (Crayon + Crooked)
TOP's Solo Performance (Turn it up + Doom Dada)
Tonight - Feeling - Last Farewell - Fantastic Baby - Lies - Heaven
(Encore) Always - Sunset Glow - Fantastic Baby - Crooked - Bad boy

Big Bang captivated fans with its perfect fan service. The members tried to make eye contact with every single fan, and responded to the cheering fans by waving their hands. Especially, G-Dragon stuck his head in the seats for the audience, letting fans touch his face freely.

At the concert, Big Bang commented about their new album. G-Dragon said "It will be this summer. We will make a comeback with the new album that you would be proud of."
And he added, "It has been 9 years since we debuted and a lot of things have changed. But you haven't changed your mind, which makes me happy."
Wristband for floor standing


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