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'Something' Review: TVXQ Recovers its Composure

Have you watched the music video of TVXQ(DBSK)'s new song 'Something'? How was it? May be some of you got surprised because the song sounds totally different from TVXQ's former hits such as 'Why' and 'Catch Me'. Well, to cut to the point, TVXQ recovered its composure and showed advanced type of SMP.

What is SMP(SM Performance)?

Don't you think SM Entertainment's artists have somthing in common with each other? Most of SM artists' songs are completed through the intermediary of the agency's representative songwriter Yoo Young Jin. We usually define SMP as SM artists' performance for Yoo Young Jin's rythmical dance number with strong beats.

SMP has its essential structural components. The song has some heavy atmosphere, and delivers social critical messages. The dance moves are very wild but disciplined. TVXQ has been recognized as the king of SMP, and has long maintained the top spot of Kpop with this typical performance style. EXO succeeded to the Royal line as SM's junior artist. Here are the music videos of 'Why' and 'Catch Me'. Two songs show the quintessence of SMP.

What has been changed?

By releasing 'Something', TVXQ's character definitely changed. However, the duo didn't dispense with the advantages of SMP. The dance performance using strings is quite creative and impressive. The highly disciplined movement that shows the peculiarity of SMP is something unthinkable to other artists.

Then, what has been changed? TVXQ made up for the weakness of SMP. People who express criticism about SMP usually say that SMP is too video-centered. They say that SM artists are always busy dancing, thinking nothing of their music or voice. As you can see from 'Why' and 'Catch Me', the high notes and electric sounds played by synthesizers are repeated over and over. And they show spectacular dance performance. Yes, such musical characteristic caused many misunderstandings.

However, through 'Something', TVXQ began to set their voice and music at the ahead instead of intense dance moves. Have you ever imagined TVXQ singing swing jazz? Me? No, till just before I listened to 'Something'. Not only Max Changmin, but also U-Know Yunho shows off impressive singing skill in the song, while you can not hear any ear shattering electric sounds played by synthesizers. The big band sound of the song is the ear-catcher.

TVXQ looks so relaxed, and they just enjoy themselves in the music video. As I mentioned above, they finally recovered their composure. Frankly speaking, there has been some uncomfortable atmosphere until their last album. TVXQ could feel great pressure after they became a singing duo, sending other three members off to other agency. I think the wound has almost healed up. The duo is now completely standing on their own legs.

The lyrics of 'Something' are about the man who is a snob. He advises a woman to try harder if she wants to be his girlfriend. However, at heart, he wants her to approach him as soon as possible. TVXQ expressed these feelings in manly but sweet and cute way, in contrast with their strong charisma in former hits. TVXQ certainly got musical growth.


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