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Power Struggle in Kpop World: The Pursuer and the Pursued

If there is the pursuer, there is the pursued too. The same is true of Kpop business world. SM, YG and JYP Entertainment, the big 3 Kpop agencies, are being chased by other rival companies. Let's talk about power struggle in Kpop world.
SM's Girls' Generation
SM and YG Entertainment: Unrivaled

SM and YG Entertainment are considered as the big2 Kpop agencies, and it is predicted that they will be able to tighten their grip on the market despite rival companies' strong growth.

SM has competitive lineup such as Girls' Generation(SNSD), EXO, TVXQ, SHINee and f(x). The SM artists' fans traditionally have high level of loyalty, which means the agency's power will not be easily weakened.

Apart from many famous Kpop singers, SM has popular actors and comedians too. With popular stars like Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul, Kang Ho Dong and Shin Dong Yeop, SM is leading Korean showbiz.
Plus, in 2013, Woollim Entertainment was merged into SM C&C, a subsidiary company of SM Entertainment. Through this, SM had prominent idol group Infinite in their hand. SM is planning for a collaboration between SM and Woollim artists.
YG has artists of marked individualities such as Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1. And it is worth noticing that the artists are maintaining close relationship with famous overseas musicians. Just like Psy did in 2012 with his mega hit song 'Gangnam Style', YG artists are aiming at the world market. Recently, Big Bang's G-Dragon is receiving the great attention of American music industry.
YG also has talented new singers like Winner and Akdong Musician. They are the future workforce of YG, and the agency is providing full support to them.
JYP's Suzy
JYP Entertainment: State of Crisis
JYP, home to 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls and Miss A, seems very unstable. In recent years, there has been no JYP artist who stood out among Kpop stars except for Miss A's Suzy. Wonder Girls stopped its activity after member Sun's marriage, and Sohee eventually left the agency to begin her second life as an actress. 2PM's popularity in Korea isn't what it used to be.
JYP is now struggling to keep its position as number 3 Kpop company. It is JYP's choice to put totally new singers on Kpop market, and JYP is trying to change the entire atmosphere within the agency.
GOT7, 5Live and one girl group. These three are the groups that JYP has high expectations of. JYP's future depends on them.
Other than the new groups, interest of the industry is collecting around Sunmi's activity. In 2013, Sunmi, the former member of Wonder Girls, made a comeback as a solo singer with her song '24 Hours', and achieved more than expected. She can be JYP's hope.
Cube Entertainment's B2ST
Cube and Loen Entertainment: Contenders of JYP
In 2013, IHQ(home to famous Korean actors and actress Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin and Hwang Jung Eum) acquired 50.1% stake in Cube Entertainment(home to B2ST and 4minute), while Starship Entertainment(home to Sistar, K.will and Boyfriend) was merged into Loen Entertainment(home to IU and History).
Yeah, the agencies are becoming larger and larger through mergers, and threatening JYP's number 3 position.
Through the strategic alliance, IHQ & Cube was equiped with full-blown system for entertainment management, drama production, record production and sound recording distribution. Some say that they already surpassed JYP.
And there is good chance that Loen & Starship will distinguish itself in the world of music download stores, because its artists IU, Sistar and K.will is traditionally strong on music download rankings. The rankings emblematize the composition of power in Kpop business world. 


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