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(Kpop Behind the Scenes) A Visit to YG Entertainment

Today, I've been to YG Entertainment.(Actually, I've recently changed workplace for various reasons. I'd worked for Sports Chosun since 2010, but now I'm working for News Tomato. Does a delicious tomato come across your mind? Haha, it's Korean news meda. Anyway, I've been to YG Entertainment to exchange greetings with the press agent of YG and tell him about my change of workplace.)

I'm sure that you've already seen YG Entertainment's company buildng several times through various video clips. The exterior of the building looks simple but refined as you can see in the picture above. It symbolizes the agency's CEO Yang Hyun Suk's initial 'H' and 'S'. And luxurious vans for YG artist such as Big Bang, 2NE1 and Psy are parked in front of the building.

After signing my name in the visitor's register at the security office, I entered the building, and went down to first basement level with the press agent.

Well, as you may already know, YG's cafeteria is on first basement level and it is widely known for its delicious meals! But, unfortunately, I arrived there at three in the afternoon, and it was not meal time. The kitchen workers were busy doing dish washing. Instead, I could have a cup of coffee there. The picture below is the paper cup I used. And coffee? I'm not a coffee lover, but it tasted pretty good. I think it tasted as good as Starbucks coffee.

And during the meeting, there were special guests. Somebody got into the cafeteria, shouting "An Nyeong Ha Se Yo", which is Korean form of salutation. Following that, two more people came in there, doing exact same thing. Guess who they are. Well, they are Winner's Lee Seung Hoon, Kim Jin Woo and Song Min Ho. They stopped by the cafeteria to take a drink. Do you wonder if they are handsome? Hell yeah, they looked gorgeous. After taking a drink, they went out of the cafeteria, shouting salute again. Yeah, they were pleasant young men.

YG Entertainment's cafeteria.
As I was pressed for time, I had to leave the building right after the meeting, but I hope that I can introduce the building's other floors to you later. Below is the address for YG Entertainment's company building. And check out the accurate location of the building in the picture below.
397-5, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
(If you come to Korea from foreign country, you will get off an airplane at Incheon International Airport. From there, the best way to get to YG Entertainment is to ride the limousine bus. Take bus number 6002 and get off the bus at Hapjeong Station. It takes about an hour, and the bus fare is 10,000 won. The building is about 15 minutes' walk from Hapjeong Station, and you'd better ask a passerby for directions, or please ask me via Twitter.)


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