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Do We Have to Enter SoPA to be a Famous Kpop Star?

Are you interested in Kpop stars' school days? Most of the stars showed the potential to be super stars while high school. Well, A fine child becomes a fine man. Then, do you know where they went to high school? There is one school that has produced exceptionally many Kpop stars.
f(x)'s Sulli
Have you heard about SoPA?(School of Performing Arts Seoul) It is located at Guro-gu, Seoul, and has produced a lot of Kpop stars such as Miss A's Suzy, f(x)'s Sulli, A Pink's Son Na Eun, A Pink's Oh Ha Young, A Pink's Kim Nam Joo, EXO's Kai, EXO's Sehun, B.A.P's Zelo, Teen Top's Ricky, Boyfriend's Youngmin, FT Island's Lee Jaejin, CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun and B1A4's Gongchan. That's amazing, isn't it? The school has been established as the gateway to becoming a star.

School of Performing Arts Seoul was designated as Vocational High School in 2008, and it's educational system is based on developing practical techniques. The school teaches various foreign languages, aiming to nurture global stars. It has departments like practical dance, practical music, stage art and more. The school also has excellent staff of instructors who have years of appropriate experiences.

It is clearly not easy for would-be Kpop stars to have sufficient time for singing and dancing practice while they are in ordinary high schools. Unfortunatley, Korea's education system is focused on college admission, and most of students have to complete the whole required course regardless of their specialty and aptitude.

Check out high school photos of Kpop stars who graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul. They are shaking the world as talented singers! Aren't their yellow school uniforms cute?
Teen Top's Ricky

A Pink's Son Na Eun and Oh Ha Young
Girl's Day's Hyeri and Miss A's Suzy
Other Kpop Stars' alma mater

SHINee's Taemin, f(x)'s Krystal, Dal Shabet's Subin, BTOB's Jung Ilhoon, Block B's P.O and Park Jimin: Hanlim Multi Art School(Located at Jangji-dong, Seoul)
The school is another Vocational High School.

EXO's Chanyeol and HEYNE: Hyundai High School (Located at Apgujeong-dong, Seoul)
It is known that there are many rich family's students in the school.

FT Island's Lee Hongki and Teen Top's Chunji: Seongji High School (Located at Hwagok-dong, Seoul)

It is the alternative school. Idol stars who are too busy to attend school often enter this school.

And here are the locations of idol stars' high schools.


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