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Who Made Psy and G-Dragon What They Are? YG's Special Principles

Kpop sensation Psy and G-Dragon are shaking the world. The two are getting great attention from Kpop fans around world by showing off their unique charm.

Well, beyond the success of Psy and G-Dragon, there has been a big helper for them. It's Yang Hyun Suk, the executive producer of YG Entertainment, and he has special principles for his label artists.

Yang Hyun Suk made his debut as a singer in 1992. He was the member of 'Taiji boys', and the threesome group caused sensation in Korea. Yang Hyun Suk, with his team mates Seo Taiji and Lee Juno, became one of the most prominent and influential Kpop stars. The group has contributed to the 1990s' Kpop development by integrating American music to Korean pop. Here's a video clip for Taiji boys' hit 'Come Back Home'. Compare it with Big Bang's radio recording performance!


After retiring from singing and dancing, Yang Hyun Suk transformed into a record producer. Now he became No.1 music producer in Korean by managing famous Kpop stars like Jinusean, Big Bang, 2NE1 and more.

Yang Hyun Suk has special principles as a producer. Unlike other Korean entertainment companies' CEOs, he doesn't push singers to make appearance on TV shows. He insists that singers should hit the stage when they are at their peak conditions. Instead of sticking to TV appearance, he concentrates on planning for the label artists' world tour. He is also famous for allowing the artists sufficient time to compose high quality songs.

Of course, some of fans hate his principles because they can't see their favorite Kpop stars frequently in TV. However, it is an undeniable fact that Yang Hyun Suk's this principle strengthened the label artists' competitiveness as world stars.

Yang Hyun Suk also has perfect trust in his singers and staffs. He is known for treating them like real family. Thanks to this, YG entertainment can have quicker decision-making process than any other entertainment companies in Korea.

With these principles, Yang Hyun Suk made a big success. Especially after PSY's success, the value of his stocks has appreciated greatly. It is estimated that the value of his stocks is about three hundred billion won, which is about three hundred million dollars. That's amazing, isn't it?


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