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Who is the Best Actor & Actress among KPOP Stars?

As you can see from their perfect performance, Kpop stars are talented people. They have something that makes them stand out from the crowd, and there are many Kpop singers who try to develop new fields. It's acting! There are some KPOP stars who win far more attention than other actors or actress. Let's see who is the best actor or actress among KPOP stars.

TV Stars: SNSD Yoona, IU

Girls' Generation(SNSD)'s Yoona has been showing outstanding performance as an actress. As appearing on TV dramas like 'You are my destiny' and 'Love rain', she has been recognized as a promising young actress. She has become the most desired TV actress! Yoona also was cast in the lead role of the drama 'Prime Minister and I'.

Debuting as an actress by appearing on the drama 'Dream High' in 2011, IU showed great petential power. In 2012, she proved herself to others by acting various kind of characters in the dramas like 'You are the best, Lee Soon Shin' and 'Pretty Boy'.

"Yoona and IU have nothing to fear in front of cameras. As famous singers, they already got used to receiving attention of many people. That is a great merit in comparison to other young actresses," a producer of Korean TV station said.

Actually, cating these Kpop stars is good for drama makers too. One of them said "As for me? I'd ve very grateful if Yoona and IU could appear on my drama. Their mere presence makes the drama come into the spotlight. It's all about the audience rating and money."

According to Yoona and IU's agency, the two will be juggling acting and singing now and for ever. Here are Yoona and IU's acting cuts. Check this out!

Movie Stars: Miss A's Suzy, Big Bang's TOP

Miss A's Suzy is having all of love as a symbol of first love. Suzy made appearance on the movie 'Architecture 101' in 2012.
The movie is about the first love between man and woman. Two main characters who never forget their first love are Seung Min and Seo Yeon. Suzy played Seo Yeon's childhood, and Korean actress Han Ga In played Seo Yeon's adult life. Suzy gave off her pure and innocent charm in the film! With big hit of the movie, Suzy became a symbol of first love. Here's the trailer of 'Architecture 101'.

Of course, she has been showing great performance as a TV actress too.(She appeared on 'Dream High', 'Big' and 'Gu Family Book') However, there is no idol star who won bigger success as an movie actress than Suzy, and she is really recognized as a prospective movie star.

I asked a TV producer why Suzy is so spotlighted in the film world. He said "Look at her face. From birth, she has the face of the main character. She is more attractive and lovely than any other early twenties actresses."
Big Bang's TOP appeared on a movie 'The Commitment' which is the story about the spy sent by North Korea to South Korea. He played the main character who is a highschool student, at the same time a spy from North Korea. Actually(in my opinion), the movie was directed horribly. It was a terminally dull film. Meanwhile, TOP showed off his existence as an attractive actor anyway.
'The Commitment' was his second Movie. The first one was 'Into the Fire', and he received Rookie of the Year award of Bluedragon Awards in 2010.
The movie professionals are paying attention to TOP's eyes. "He has charismatic, but sorrowful eyes. The look in his eyes makes it clear what he wants to say."

Here's the trailer of  'The Commitment'.



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