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Several Ways to Avoid Kpop Girl Groups' Bullying Problem

The Kpop girl group members show perfect harmony on the stage. However, behind the scenes, they also are oridinary girls, and there sometimes is a conflict among them. In the meantime, certain girl group member can be treated as an outcast. Actually, I've heard that a famous Kpop girl group has been devided into several teams because of their internal conflicts.

As T-ara's teamwork was embroiled in controversy, Kpop girl group's bullying problem has surfaced. Member Hwayoung eventually has been kicked out of the team.

As T-ara's teamwork was embroiled in controversy in 2012, Kpop girl group's bullying problem has surfaced.

The incident began in July 2012. T-ara's Hwayoung couldn't come on the T-ara's concert stage in Dokyo because of her wounded leg. Right after that, the other members blamed her through their SNS accounts.

Eunjung said "It is pitiful. You should think about people around you. That is the 'difference of will'. Let's have a firm will and cheer up!".

Soyeon also said "That's the difference of 'will + manners + consideration'. Let's cheer up today,"
while Hyomin stated, "The 'difference of will'. Let's have a firm will and cheer up," and Jiyeon tweeted, "The 'difference of will'. Always in a modest way."

T-ara's Hwayoung couldn't hit the T-ara's concert stage in Dokyo because of her wounded leg
After all of these blame, Hwayoung tweeted "Sometimes, there is something I can't endure only with my will. I am distressed but I believe it is disposition of Providence. God, you would know all about it."

Well, these remarks have been an issue among fans, And they produced abundant evidence that Hwayoung is being excluded by the other members.

They insisted that Eunjeong forced Hwayoung to eat big rice cake, and the members left Hwayoung out even when they're on broadcast program shoots.

Eventually, Kim Kwangsoo, the CEO of T-ara's agency, declared to make a 'big announcement'. The big announcement was about kicking Hwayoung out of T-ara. After this announcement, criticism has mounted. More than 300,000 people joined the website 'Ti Jin Yo'.(Short for T-ar aege Jinsileul Yoguhamnida, which means 'We ask T-ara for the truth of the incident')

Hwayoung has left her last message as a T-ara member, saying, "It is true that there was the conflict of opinion among T-ara's members. Things have taken a turn for the worse, and it breaks my heart. We all get hurt by distorted facts. We have had happy years and I want to put bad memories behind us. I want to keep going by encouraging each other. Sorry to worry you."

Hwayoung is now under exclusive contract with Wellmade StarM(home to actor Lee Jong Suk, actress Oh Yeon Seo and more), and is preparing for debuting as an actress, not a singer.

Well, Kpop girl group members' bullying issue is widely seen as a serious problem, and Kpop agencies has begun to think out the preventive measures for the problem.

The bullying occurs due to various reasons, but the most basic reasons are jealousy and intrasender conflict among the members.

Members can be very jealous of the one who is more popular than the others.  In this case, the agencies usually make them spend much time speaking to each other. The agencies try to prevent the problem in advance.

Some of the agencies deal with the bullying problem by seperating the members. The official from a Kpop agency said "Boy group members usually make up with each other easily even if they went at each other's throats. However, it takes much time for girl group's members to make up with each other. It is better to seperate their lodgings. They also can restore quiet by seeing their parents. They are just little girls."

Another way to prevent bullying accident is to organize the group with all different kinds of members. If there is huge difference in the members' age and career, there would be less jealousies to each other.

The companies also try to pay attention to each member's schedule and condition. They try to give the members equal chances to make appearance on TV Shows or radio programs.

It's not easy to stop girls' fight, huh?


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