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Kpop Idols' Obvious Lies: How to Survive in Entertainment Business

K-pop idols are good at smooth talking, and they capture their fans’ hearts by showing off their charms on TV. Well, however, their remarks are not necessarily true because they sometimes lie like the truth to build up good images. You know, things are not always as they seem. Here are k-pop idols’ obvious lies.

f(x)'s Sulli was embroiled in dating rumor with Dynamic Duo's rapper Choiza, but SM Entertainment denied it.

"We're just close friends."

When idol stars are embroiled in a dating scandal, they usually deny it, saying “We’re just close friends.” Of course, it sometimes is true, but a fair number of k-pop stars say so just because they want to walk away from the situation. There are few idol stars who readily admit that they’re dating somebody because it could have a negative effect on their careers.

That’s why Korean media outlets such as Dispatch try to secure solid evidences including photos and videos. Once media outlets seize photos or videos as real evidence, they usually contact k-pop agencies for confirmation. And after getting a phone call from a media out, what k-pop agency does first is to ask its idol star if it’s true that he or she is dating someone because even k-pop agencies do not know everything about their idol stars’ private lives. After that, people in the agency begin to debate whether they should admit their idol star’s romantic relationship with somebody. In this stage, they take a variety of things into consideration, including whom their idol dates, how solid the media outlet’s evidence is, etc.

Sistar's Hyolyn has admitted that she had double eyelid surgery.
"I'm not an artificial plastic beauty."

Many Koreans, not only k-pop stars but also ordinary people, have plastic surgery to become more beautiful. You know, Korea is recognized worldwide as one of the most technically advanced in cosmetic medicine, and many females from other Asian nations flock to Korea to undergo a cosmetic procedure.

However, ironically, there also are many people who hate artificial plastic beauties in Korea, and that’s why k-pop idols deny having plastic surgery even though they had had it a few times. Of course, there are some courageous k-pop stars who have admitted that they had plastic surgery such as SISTAR’s Hyolyn (Double eyelid), 2NE1’s Minzy (Nose), and After School’s Uee (Double eyelid), but most of k-pop idols are reluctant to tell the truth.

Double eyelid surgery is the most popular type of surgery that idol stars are getting, while several other surgeries such as breast enlargement, nose job and liposuction are becoming more common. And idol stars usually have plastic surgery during their period of rest, while most of them prefer winter because cold weather makes their wounds heal faster.

T-ara has had a rough time because of its discord rumor among members.
"We get along well with each other."

Not all the k-pop idols are good-natured, and it’s true that there are many conflicts and disagreements among the idols. However, they can’t make a clean breast of the whole affair in public because It could have a bad influence on their images. So, even if they are in conflict with each other, they usually say, with a sweet smile, “We get along well with each other and we’re best friends.”

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