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Kpop Girl Group's Diet: What Do They Eat?

Do you feel envy of Kpop female stars' perfect bodies? Yeah, it's true that they look so gorgeous. However, as you know, nothing is for free. They can't have such nice bodies without a great deal of effort. Let's see what they do to maintain good looks.

"I was so gluttonous. I ate ramen and two bowls of rice at once. However, I had to lose weight. One day, I stuffed my mouth with chicken and spat it out right away. I just had a taste of it because I had craving for chicken." - Sistar's Dasom
This is exactly what the girl group members do to have such nice figures. Controlling what they eat and diet.
Sistar' Soyou showed off her perfect body after taking a diet.
Have you heard about one-meal-a-day? Some of the female idols have only one meal a day.(Do you think it's possible? Me? I can't. Hell no.) Sistar's Soyou, Secret's Jeon Hyosung, Brown Eyed Girls' Gain and more have have only one meal a day to show off their perfect body through pictorial magazines or music videos.

IU eats an apple, two sweet potatoes and a cup of protein drink throughout the day.
Some other idol stars try to eat several small meals throughout the day. Here's IU's menu. An apple, two sweet potatoes and a cup of protein drink. These are IU's three square meals!(Well, I eat three square meals plus snacks and high-calorie drinks a day.... And some beer.)

Of course, IU is combining both diet and exercise. She does a high-energy workout such as walking up stairs and push-ups.

9Muses' Kyungri
9Muses has found novel way to lose their weight. They use small paper cups. Before eating meals, they take some food on their paper cups. It makes them eat like birds. Yes, there is a good reason for their sexy figures.
Kpop girl group members live under close supervision by agencies. The agencies check the members' weight everyday, and unqualified members have to take diet.(Generally, the minimum qualification standard is 50kg.) 2NE1's Park Bom said "YG Entertainment's dining hall offers really delicious foods. So, I'm not anywhere near the dining hall because I have to stick to a diet."

"It's your time to ride to scale." This is the last thing female idols want to hear.

Actually, many people have loudly expressed their worries about girl group memebers' extreme dieting. It is really dangerous and they will end up piling the pounds back on. When they are young, their body may not really show the negative effects of extreme dieting. Besides, some of the idol stars suffer from anorexia. Ladies' Code's Lee Sojung is the notable example. She said "I was 49kg when I was appearing on the TV audition program 'The Voice of Korea'. But after suffering from anorexia, I'd lost 11kg in weight. I though I was too fat."

Here are Sojung's before and after photos. What do you think?(Look at her thin and weak arm.) You have to lose weight through healthy living, not deprivation.

Ladies' Code's Lee Sojung. Before diet(left) and after diet.

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