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The real reason why IU asked Lee Joon Gi to appear in "Knowing Bros" together

It was good news for Uaena. IU, who has recently released her new single "BBIBBI", decided to appear in "Knowing Bros". The k-pop queen has already recorded the show, and the episode will air on October 20.

By the way, what's notable about IU's appearance in the popular program is that she recorded the show with actor Lee Joon Gi. Aren't you curious why IU decided to appear in the program with the handsome actor?

"Knowing Bros" usually invite more than two guests, and IU needed her partner too. IU chose Lee Joon Gi as her partner because they have been close with each other since they appeared in "Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo" in 2016.

But that's not all. According people around IU, she was very worried when she decided to appear in "Knowing Bros" because she thought she's not a funny person. Well, if it had not been IU, one would not have been worried so much. However, IU is a very responsible person and has a heart of gold. She never wants to do harm to TV shows in which she appears, (that's why she doesn't appear in TV shows very often) and she always does her best on TV shows. That's why she was very worried when she decided to appear in "Knowing Bros", one of the most popular Korean TV shows.

She needed a partner who is very funny and humorous, but the problem was that she's not a out-going person and doesn't have a wide circle of acquaintance. After a long pondering, she decided to ask Lee Joon Gi to appear in "Knowing Bros" with her because she thought he's the funniest person among people around her. He readily accepted IU's proposal, and he took part in the recording of the show to help his shy friend even though he didn't have his drama to air soon and had no reason to appear in the show.


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