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[Kpop Romance Based on a True Story] You're Beautiful - Chapter 10. Love

kpop romance

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Years after her debut, Minjoo reached the top of the k-pop world. Lovey Girls became the most popular k-pop girl group, and the team held a concert tour in Japan, drawing a huge audience. And Minjoo, who had appeared in several TV dramas and commercials made a success of her solo album too. She was a super star, and she was making a lot of money.

She received love calls from a variety of TV shows, and she hardly had any time to catch her breath. She was recognized wherever she went. It really was tough to live as a super star. However, she was thankful for everything. Only a few years ago, she was just a trainee who was dreaming of becoming a k-pop idol, and she had to live through rough times.

She had realized her dream, and she had nothing to worry about. In addition, her boyfriend Minho was always beside her. He gave her so much strength, and he was the most enthusiastic fan of her.

kpop romance minjoo
Minjoo became a top class idol star

After finishing shooting a commercial, Minjoo got into her van.

“How did the shoot go?” asked Minjoo’s manager. He was a new employee of DH Entertainment. Park Donghoon hired him to take better care of Minjoo.

“It was good. It was fun” answered Minjoo, checking her cell phone. She was allowed to buy a cell phone after her huge success, and she didn’t need to use a pay phone to contact her boyfriend any more.

“By the way, Mr. Lee” said Minjoo.

“Yes, what is it?”

“Could you drop me at SBC?”

“SBC? The broadcasting company? Why? You don’t have a schedule there” asked the manager, with a puzzled look.

“Oh, I have a thing to do there personally”

“Ok, I can drop you there. But Mr. Park is going to be pretty upset when he finds out I dropped you there. Because he told me to always take care of you” said the manager, with a concerned look.

“It’s alright. I’ll never tell him” said Minjoo, with a smile.

“Ok, I will. Do you want me to wait for you in the car?”

“No, you don’t have to. I can go home alone. Just get off work and spend time with your girlfriend”

“Oh, really? Can I?” The manager’s face brightened up.

“Yeah, get some rest. You recently had to drive a lot because of me. And take this” said Minjoo, giving an envelope to him.

“What is this?”

“You said your girlfriend’s birthday is tomorrow, right? I put some money in it. Treat her a nice meal”

“Oh, thank you, Minjoo. Can I really take this?”

“Yes, sure. You always work hard for me, and it’s a little gift for you. I always thank to you” said Minjoo.

“Thank you, Minjoo”

The van was entering the underground parking lot of SBC.


It was a day for the recording of “Show! K-pop Bank”. On the day, Minho was scheduled to perform his solo song for the first time. It was his debut as a solo singer, and he felt very nervous and excited at the same time.

Before going on stage, Minho was waiting for Minjoo at the emergency exit. They arranged to meet there to avoid people’s eyes.
Just then, Minho heard Minjoo's footsteps on the stairs. Walking up the stairs, Minjoo smiled brightly at Minho. She was wearing a cap and mask to hide her face.

“Hey” Minho smiled at Minjoo, waving his hand.

“So, how is it going? Are you ready to perform on stage?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m fully ready to do it. But actually, I’m very nervous now”

“Don’t worry. I know how hard you have practiced. You can do it” said Minjoo, holding Minho’s hand.

“Thank you. I’ll do my best for you, and…” Minho paused for a moment.


“I’ve prepared something for you” said Minho.

“What is it?”

“During my performance, I will wink, showing a heart sign. It’s for you” said Minho, smiling at Minjoo.

“Thank you. I’ll cheer for you backstage” A flush mounted to Minjoo’s face.

“Ok. It’s time to go. I’ll call you after finish the recording. I love you”

Backstage, Minjoo watched Minho’s performance. Lots of fans, who had been giving support to Minho for a long time cheered for him. The fans had been looking forward to Minho’s solo debut since his breakup with Fish Entertainment, and they went mad at the appearance of him.

Minho did great. He showed outstanding performance, entertaining his fans. And as he promised, he winked and showed a heart sign during his performance. His heart sign aroused many fans to enthusiasm, but Minjoo was the only one who knew it was for her. A broad smile spread over Minjoo’s face.

kpop romance minho
Minho showed outstanding performance


After her new drama went off the air, Minjoo was interviewed by Korean media outlets.

“You look much better than your picture, Minjoo” said the reporter.

“No, I’m so flattered” said Minjoo, bashfully.

“You’re beautiful. You really are. Anyway, let me start with a question about your contract. What made you decide to leave DH Entertainment? There are buzzing rumors concerning it”

One day before the interview, DH Entertainment announced that Minjoo decided to leave the agency. The news that the super star decided to take a fresh start made a great flutter in the world of k-pop.

“Oh, well, I don’t know what kind of rumors you’ve heard, but all the rumors are not true. As DH Entertainment announced, I decided to take a fresh start to follow my dreams” answered Minjoo.

“People say there must be some problem between you and DH Entertainment. Because, you know, you became a super star thanks to DH Entertainment’s support but you suddenly decided to leave there after the expiration of your contract of 7 years”

“No, I didn’t suddenly decide to leave there. I’ve thought about it for a long time, and I thought it’s time for me to take a fresh start. There is no problem between DH Entertainment and me, and I’m still good with Park Donghoon. And of course, there has been no discord among Lovey Girls members. You know, I’m an idol, but I can’t be active as an idol singer for all of my life. I have to retire someday. That’s why I decided to take a fresh start as an actress and a solo singer” Minjoo kindly explained.

“What about Lovey Girls? Will Lovey Girls’ fans be able to watch all the members perform together someday?” asked the reporter, with a curious look.

“I hope we will perform together someday. Basically, we’re not even thinking about the breakup of the team. Of course, I don’t belong to DH Entertainment any more, but Lovey Girls will be forever” said Minjoo.

“Which k-pop agency will you make a contract with, then? I heard that many agencies hope to sign with you because you’re a top idol star”
“There could be many possibilities, but for now, I’m thinking of establish my own agency”

After finishing the interview, Minjoo got into her van. And surfing the Internet by her cell phone, she saw the news that Giho was arrested for smoking marijuana and kicked out of BMB.


At the Han River, Minho and Minjoo were sitting in Minho’s car. Minjoo brought out a gift she had prepared for Minho, saying “Congratulations”. It was a leather wallet.

“Oh, this is a surprise. Thank you” said Minho, opening the gift box.

After debuting as a solo singer, Minho was enjoying huge popularity. He topped a variety of music charts, and he was invited to the end-of-year music awards too. As a girlfriend, Minjoo wanted to congratulate him on his successful solo debut.

“By the way, I have something for you too” said Minho, looking Minjoo in the eye.

“For me? What is it?”

“You’ll see. Let’s get out of the car”

“Now? People will see us” said Minjoo, with a worried look.

“It’s ok. There's nobody else around here. It'll just be a minute”

After getting out of the car, Minho led Minjoo by hand to his car trunk. When he opened it, there was a huge bouquet with a banner that read “The first anniversary of Minho & Minjoo’s first date”.

“What is this?” Minjoo opened her eyes wide with surprise.

“Minjoo, it has been a year since we started dating. But I couldn’t do much for you because of real-world constraints. You know, we always had to be very careful, and we couldn’t do what normal couples did. So, I’ve always wanted to plan this kind of event for you”

Minjoo looked moved and looked at Minho with tearful eyes.

“And I have one more thing I want to give you”

Minho brought out a necklace from his pocket. And putting the necklace on Minjoo, he said “Thank you for being with me. I love you now and forever”.

Minjoo eventually gave way to her tears. And she said “I love you too”.

Minho and Minjoo kissed each other, feeling each other’s love.

kpop romance kiss
Minho and Minjoo kissed each other


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