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[Kpop Romance Based on a True Story] You're Beautiful - Chapter 8. New Beginning

**New chapters are updated every Monday.


BMB’s comeback was successful. The title track that was written by Giho was loved by a wide range of people, topping various online music charts. Giho was praised as one of the most promising young idol song writers.

However, the whole situation changed just four days later.

“Hey, what is this?” said Junho, the team mate of Minho and Giho, looking into the screen of his tablet PC. They were at their waiting room of “Show! K-pop Bank”.

“Why? What is it?” said Minho, going near Junho.

It was an article titled “Plagiarism controversy over BMB’s new song”. After the song was released, some of netizens noticed that the song was very similar to One Direction’s, and the controversy eventually rose to the surface.

BMB members’ faces hardened, while Giho’s face was ashen.

“Hey, what did I say? People are not that stupid. We should not have chosen the song as our title track” said Minho, fixing Giho with an angry stare.

Giho said nothing, with his head down.

Just then, Daniel Lee entered the waiting room. He looked just fine, contrary to expectations.

“Oh, did you guys see the article too? Just don’t worry” said Daniel Lee, sitting on the sofa.

“Just don’t worry? What do you mean? Minho couldn’t understand his words.

“As I just said, just don’t worry. You’re not the first k-pop idol group who’s embroiled in a plagiarism controversy, which means it’s a pretty common thing in the k-pop world. I can deal with the controversy”

“But how? asked Junho.

“We’ll share the copyright of the song with One Direction”

“What? Then, will you admit that I’ve plagiarized One Direction’s song?” said Giho, with surprise.

“No, Giho. If we share the copyright of the song with One Direction, One Direction will never make an issue of the song. And after the simple negotiation, we’ll announce like this. Giho never plagiarized One Direction’s song, but we decided to share the copyright of the song with the group because we want to protect our artist from any possible unnecessary controversy”

“Do you think people will believe it?” asked Minho, with anger.

“No. But your fans will believe it. You already have many loyal fans, as you know. And even if people don’t believe it, it’s not going to be much of a problem. Because, as I told you, you’re not the first k-pop idol group who’s embroiled in a plagiarism controversy”

Minho was struck dumb at his shamelessness.

“Anyway, behave naturally, and never mention the plagiarism controversy in public” said Daniel Lee, leaving the waiting room.


There was a long silence in the waiting room. And after a long silence, Minho finally spoke up.

“Giho, tell me the truth. Whether you like it or not, you need to share the truth with us because we’re a team. Did you plagiarize One Direction’s song?”

All the BMB members looked at Giho, while Giho hesitated to say.

“It’s reference” said Giho, after a silence.

“What? Reference? What do you mean?” asked Minho.

“Many of song writers have their reference models when they write their songs. As you know, my song is similar to One Direction’s, but the two songs have slightly different melodies. You can’t say it’s plagiarism”

“So, is that the shortcut you told me about?” Minho felt the anger rise in him.

“Yeah, it’s a shortcut to our success. Don’t you want to become a much more successful idol star as soon as possible? I did it for all of us. Don’t treat me like a criminal!” shouted Giho, getting up from his seat.

Minho and Giho grabbed at each other's throats, staring fiercely at each other. The other members tried to separate them, but it was useless.

“BMB! It’s your time to come on the stage!”

Just then, a staff member of “Show! K-pop Bank” entered the waiting room, in a mortal hurry. Minho and Giho stopped fighting, acting as if nothing had happened.

On the stage, BMB performed the controversial title song. Even though BMB was the candidate for the first place, Minho was not pleased at all. Watching his fans giving an enthusiastic support to him, he felt guilty. He couldn’t tolerate the fact that his team has deceived the fans even though he didn’t intend to. On the day, he ruined his performance.

“It’s reference” said Giho, after a silence.


Minho asked to talk to Daniel Lee. When Minho entered Daniel Lee’s office room, Daniel Lee was watching the rerun of “Show! K-pop Bank”.

“So, what are you telling me? About your title song?” asked Daniel Lee, with his eyes fixed on TV screen.

“Yes. We need to tell all the people about the truth. I feel guilty. We’re deceiving our fans”

“Oh, that’s why you ruined your performance. Look at this. It makes me sick to watch your performance” said Daniel Lee, pointing at the TV screen.

Daniel Lee’s words injured Minho’s pride, but Minho bit his tongue.

“I’ve dreamt of becoming a k-pop idol, and I know you helped me to realize my dream. But, this is not the right thing to do” said Minho, in a firm attitude.

“Well…” Daniel Lee turned his head to Minho.

“What do you think is the reason for your popularity? asked Daniel Lee, gazing at Minho’s face.

“Because we have been doing our best. All the members have been practicing really hard. And we could win the hearts and minds of our fans because we’ve been very honest to them. Of course, I thank you for your support too”

“Ha Ha Ha!” Daniel Lee suddenly burst out laughing.

“Do you really think so? Listen, Minho. Your debut album has sold over 200,000 copies, and your debut song was ranked no.1 on a variety of music charts. Do you think you could achieve such things just because you did your best and was kind to your fans? No. No, Minho. It’s thanks to me. I’ve invested lots of money to make you popular”

“Yes, as I said, I know you helped us a lot, and….”

“No, I’m not saying that. Do you think all of your albums were purchased by your fans? No. I purchased about 100,000 copies of your album. Why? Because it helps you rank high on album sales charts. And do you think you could rank high on online music charts because so many fans listened to your song? No, I paid a Sajaegi broker about 1 million dollars and asked him to raise your ranking on online music charts. He did a perfect job, and thanks to it, your debut song was ranked no.1 on a variety of music charts. Do you know what I mean?” said Daniel Lee, looking Minho right in the eye.

Minho was lost for words. He just couldn’t believe all the things, and he was so confused.

“Hey, Minho, did you say we need to tell all the people about the truth and we should do the right thing? What is the right thing? I’ve been doing the right things for all of you. Thanks to my efforts, you became one of the most popular k-pop idol groups. Am I wrong?” shouted Daniel Lee.

Looking into Daniel Lee’s greedy eyes, Minho thought Fish Entertainment was not the right place for him to stay. Without saying anything, Minho left Daniel Lee’s office room.


Minho and Minjoo were sitting in Minho’s car. There was a long silence.

“Hey, just do as you like” said Minjoo, breaking the silence.

Minho told Minjoo that he would leave Fish Entertainment and BMB. He couldn’t stand all the absurd things any more. His contract with Fish Entertainment was set to expire soon. However, it was not that easy for him to leave BMB because there were many fans who had given great support to him and the other members who had been through a lot together with him.

“Can I just leave my team?” asked Minho, looking Minjoo in her face.

“Yes, you can. I know what you’re worried about, but you have right to be happy. You’re not a betrayer. You can’t help but leave the team because of all the absurdities. If you stay there, you’ll become an accomplice of Daniel Lee. You know, I know him too. He is a wicked person, and he’ll throw you away after using you” said Minjoo, holding Minho’s hand.

“You’re right. But I’m not sure I can do it. I mean, I have to find new agency, and I have to transform myself into a solo singer”

“You can do it, Minho. Just don’t worry. Believe me. It’s not been long since we started dating, but I’ve known you a long time. I know you. You’re really talented and handsome. And you always do your best. In addition, your fans will still be giving support to you. You don’t need to worry” Minjoo tried to encourage Minho, looking into his eyes.

A smile spread slowly across Minho’s face.

“Thank you. You've bolstered my courage” said Minho.

“As your girlfriend, I’ll always be by your side” said Minjoo, with a lovely smile.

“I will, too, as your boyfriend”

They embraced and kissed each other.

“As your girlfriend, I'll always be by your side"


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