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[Kpop Romance Based On A True Story] You're Beautiful - Chapter 7. Reality

**New chapters are updated every Monday.


Giho stepped into Daniel Lee’s office room.

“Hey, come on in” Daniel Lee was sitting at his desk.

“So, how is your song writing study?” asked Daniel Lee.

“Well, I think I’m doing good. I wrote some my own songs. Haven’t you listened to the songs?”

“Yeah, I listened to the songs. They’re a mess”

Giho hung his head in shame.

“Anyway, the reason I called you is because we need a change. You know, you will make a comeback 2 months later. But you need to do something new because the public easily get tired of something. Do you know what I mean? So, we’ll try a new thing”

“A new thing? What is it?”

“You know, we’ve never included your own song in your album since you debuted, but this time, yeah, your own song will be included in your album. The song will be your title track”

“My song? A title track? But you said my songs are a mess” Giho looked at Daniel Lee in surprise.

“Yeah, yeah, your songs are really a mess. Minho’s songs are much better than yours. However, his songs are not perfect either. So, I decided to let you know how to write a great song that has much popular appeal. Just do as I say”

“Ok, I will”

“I’ll give you some music files. All of the songs gained huge popularity around world. So, listen carefully to the songs and choose one of them. All you need to do is modify the song’s chorus slightly. And then, mix it with your own song. You got that?”

“Do you want me to plagiarize the song?” asked Giho, while Daniel Lee put on a mocking smile.

“Oh, you’re so naïve. It’s not plagiarism. It’s reference. In the k-pop world, many of song writers have their reference models when they write their songs. I want you to write a song that is similar to your reference song, but the song should have a slightly different melody” said Daniel Lee, adjusting his glasses.

“Ok” Giho made a prompt answer.


Minho and Giho were watching TV in their dormitory. In the TV screen, Pinkish was performing its song.

“Hey, do you enjoy your job?” asked Giho, looking at Minho.

“Why? Do you want to say you’re so tired and you don’t want to sing live again? You did as you wanted last time. After making a comeback two months later, just do as you like. I don’t care any more” Minho said bluntly without looking at Giho.

“Oh, well, I will do as I like, but I’m not talking about it. I’m talking about our reality”

“Reality? What reality?” Minho turned his head to Giho.

“We’re popular now, and we held our exclusive concert too. But that’s all. I mean, how much did we earn? People can’t even imagine how little money we’re paid”

“It’s because our agency invested lots of money to train us. We’re paying off the money”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. We just have too much debt and very little income. Do you like such a situation?” Giho’s voice rose hysterically.

“I don’t like such a situation, but it can’t be helped. We’ve made contracts with Fish Entertainment, and we need to do what we have to do according to the contracts”

“Oh, come on. You’re so naïve” said Giho, putting on a mocking smile.

“Then what? Will you leave our team?” asked Minho, glaring at Giho.

“No, I won’t. But I’ll hurry things up. I’ll pay my debt as soon as possible, and I’ll get rich”

“But how?”

“You’ll see. Because I found a shortcut today. I’ll take the shortcut” Giho looked at Minho with a haughty look on his face.

“Shortcut? Did Daniel Lee talk about the shortcut? What did he say?” Giho’s haughty attitude worried and disturbed Minho.

“It’s secret, haha”

“I don’t know what Daniel Lee talked to you, but we need to keep within bounds. We have to reward our fans, who have always trusted us”
“There you go again. Fans? Who do you think they are? They’re like an ATM to us. Yeah, automated teller machine. All we have to think of is how we can collect cash from them” Giho spoke in a voice filled with conviction.

“I don’t agree with you. We have to…”

“Ok, ok. Just do as you like. I’d like to go to bed” Giho cut in, rising from his seat.

Minho felt uneasy and restless because something seemed to happen.


As Minjoo talked to Minho, she told no one about her relationship with him. But she felt uncomfortable about hiding the fact from Soyun, her best friend.

“Hey, Soyun” Minjoo and Soyun were watching TV in their dormitory.

“Yes?” said Soyun, with her eyes fixed on TV screen. In the screen, Prince was dancing. The 8-member boy group debuted recently, and Minjoo and Soyun have met them backstage.

“I’d like to tell you something” said Minjoo.

“What is it? Why do you look so serious?” asked Soyun, looking at Minjoo.

“To be honest…” Minjoo paused for a while.

“Just tell me. What is it?” Minjoo’s silence aroused Soyun’s curiosity.

“I’ve got a boyfriend” said Minjoo bashfully.

“What? Boyfriend? Who is it? Do I know him?” Soyun looked at Minjoo’s face with open eyes.

“Yeah, you know him”

“Really? Who is it?”

“It’s Minho”

“Minho? You mean Minho of BMB? Oh my god. Since when?”

"What? Boyfriend?"

“It’s not been long. We’ve decided not to tell any one about our relationship, but you know, you’re my best friend”

“Congratulations! By the way…” Soyun suddenly paused, stopping smiling.

“Why? What is it?” Minjoo looked at Soyun with a concerned look.

“I’ve got a boyfriend too, haha” said Soyun, with a big smile.

“What? Are you serious? Who is it?” Minjoo shouted in surprise.

“It’s Soohyun of Prince. Yeah, it’s him” said Soyun, pointing at the TV screen.

“Oh my god. Since when?”

“Actually, it’s our second day, and I have to go out to date him a few hours later” said Soyun, winking at Minjoo.

“Hey, did you tell any one about your relationship with him?”

“No, of course. We’ll keep it secret” answered Soyun, smiling at Minjoo.

“Anyway, congratulations! Oh my god!” shouted Minjoo.

The two girls hugged each other, laughing out loud.


BMB member gathered at Daniel Lee’s office room. They gathered there to listen to the title track of their new album to be released soon.
“Ok, guys. I’ve chosen the title track. The guide recording was done by your vocal trainer. As you know, the song was written by Giho, and I’m sure all of you will like it because the song’s chorus is very catchy and easy to sing along to”

After giving a brief introduction of the song, Daniel Lee played the song. As he explained, the song was very catchy and easy to sing along to. Giho looked around the other members with a boastful look on his face. It seemed all the members but Minho liked the song.

“The song is good, but…” Minho began to talk with a serious look on his face.

“But I think the song is similar to One Direction’s hit song. Isn’t it?” Minho looked around the other members, while Daniel Lee and Giho’s faces hardened.

“So, are you saying I plagiarized the song?” said Giho, glaring at Minho.

“No, I didn’t say you plagiarized the song. But it’s true the song is similar to One Direction’s” said Minho, in a firm attitude.

“Hey, Minho…” Daniel Lee began to talk after giving a deep sigh.

“Do you think Giho plagiarized the song? If you want insist he plagiarized One Direction’s song, you should prove that at least 8 bars of his song are the same as those of One Direction’s. Do you think at least 8 bars of his song are the same as those of One Direction’s?”

Minho couldn’t say yes because Giho’s song was slightly different from One Direction’s.

“Minho, I’m a professional music producer, and if Giho had really plagiarized One Direction’s song, I would never choose his song as your title track. Do you know what I’m saying?”

“I know, but I’m worried it might be a problem later. The two songs are really similar” Minho still felt qualms.

“Hey, Minho. Don’t worry. No one will notice it, I mean, no one will think like that. Just believe me. Ok? You will be able to enjoy huge popularity. How about the other members? Is there anyone who is against the decision?” said Daniel Lee, in an overbearing manner.
No one could contradict Daniel Lee.

“Ok, then. The song will be the title track of your new album. Start practicing the song from today”


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