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iKON's B.I proves his ability as a qualified leader

On October 1, iKON held a press conference for their new album "NEW KIDS: THE FINAL". The boy group held the press conference to promote their brand new album, of course. However, all the attention from the media was focused on what Junhoe would talk about his recent mistake. You know, the handsome idol star was embroiled in controversy after posting a piece of paper signed by Kitano Takeshi on SNS. The Japanese actor have made anti-Korea comments many times, and a fan asked Junhoe to remove the photo, but he just refused it, saying "I don't like being told what to do".

Anyway, at the press conference, Junhoe, who must have felt sorry for his team mates and his fans, apologized for what he did.

"I'm sorry that I disappointed so many fans. I regret bitterly what I have done. It will never happen again. I'll never forget my first time, and I'll always try to be grateful for what our fans did for us. I apologized to my team mates, and I apologized to Yang Hyun Suk too. He said I should always be careful and reflect on myself about my mistake".

Well, this is how many Korean celebrities do when they did something wrong. They attend a press conference, and they apologize for what they did. Junhoe's apology was very sincere, though. And I believe the young idol star will never repeat the same mistake.

By the way, after Junhoe apologized for his fault, B.I, the leader of iKON, began to talk. Well, it's a common scene too because most of leaders of kpop idol groups feel responsible for their teams, and they usually say something when their team mates make some big mistakes. They usually apology for what their team mates did, but at the same time, they try to protect the members.

However, B.I was a little bit different. Check out what he said.

"Something bad happened, but Junhoe apologized to us. So we tried to encourage him. But we told him many things because we really wanted him to become more mature. We told him he should reflect on himself about his mistake too".

As you can see above, B.I not only tried to protect Junhoe and encourage him but also tried to teach him how to act as a famous idol. As B.I said, he really wanted Junhoe to become a more mature man, and he tried to guide him in the right direction. That's what the leader should do, right?

B.I, who has been doing great as the team's leader, certainly proved his ability as a qualified leader, and I'm sure the talented singer songwriter will be able to lead his team well into the bright future.


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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!