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GOT7's Jinyoung under the spotlight as the next super star in the Korean drama industry

Jinyoung of GOT7 is receiving great attention from people in the Korean drama industry as a young promising actor.

According to people in the industry, Jinyoung is currently receiving love calls from various dramas. Jinyoung has been offered to play the leading role in the dramas, and the idol star, who has appeared in several dramas since he debuted, will choose his new drama soon. People are expecting he is going to be a super star in the Korean drama industry sooner or later.

There are a few reasons for Jinyoung's great popularity in the industry. First, yeah, he is handsome. He is considered as one of the most handsome idols among people in the Korean entertainment industry, and not surprisingly, he is one of the most popular male idol stars among female idols! The female idols don't show their affection for Jinyoung in public, but according to many managers who work for their idols, lots of female idols adore him because he is handsome, gentle and sweet.

And Jinyoung's great talent in acting is also one reason for his popularity in the Korean drama industry, but that's not all. K-dramas these days can't make a huge profit in domestic market. For the drama production companies, the only way to make earnings is to export their dramas. So, they want to cast hallyu stars who are very popular in foreign countries, and yeah, they need an idol star like Jonyoung, who is widely loved by many fans around the world.

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